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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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4-25. 4-26. a question. 4-27. 4-28. 4-29. 4-30. The  Enlisted  LTC  Production  Report  provides which  of  the  following  information? 1. Number of leads sent for the week, month, and year to date 2. Name and phone number of all leads sent during the previous week 3. PRO-Navy referrals sent during the previous month 4 All ads, run dates, and cost for the month NOIC  prescreens  leads  for  recruiters  including which  of  the  following  blueprinting? 2. 3. 1. Name, address, and phone number Age, education, and interests Age,  education,  and  health Complete  blueprinting 4. In answering questions 4-27 through 4-30, select the  answer  most  accurately  defined  in  each A management tool designed to measure and improve  nationally  produced  leads. 1. NOIC 2. NALTS 3. LEADS 4. NET A  computerized  lead  fulfillment  system  that answers prospect inquiries. 1. NOIC 2. NALTS 3. LEADS 4. NET Listing of all eligible leads sent to NRSs for the week and a listing of overdue, delinquent, and force-closed leads.                1. NOIC weekly disptatch report 2. LTC  production  report 3. NALTS  executive  summary 4. NALTS ranking report Management report showing  the performance of each  station,  district,  and  Area  in  following  up national  leads. 4-31. If a recruiter is timid about PDCing, which of the following methods should you suggest to make the recruiter   more   comfortable? 1. Friend-finding 2. Team  PDCing 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Forced PDCing 4-32. PDCing can best be described by which of the following definitions? 1. A method of prospecting an individual with whom the recruiter initiates conversation to determine whether or not he or she is a candidate  for  the  Navy 2. A method of prospecting to be used during itineraries 3. A method of prospecting that allows recruiters to meet prospects face-to-face and discuss  Navy  eligibility 4. A  method  of  prospecting  that  requires  the use  of  the  appointment  power  script 4-33. Which of the following categories is NOT included in BEERS? 1. Citizenship 2. Name 3. Dependency 4. Employment 4-34. What is the maximum age for enlistment? 1. 24 2.    30 3. 34 4.     35 l In answering questions 4-35 through 4-39, select the graduate or nongraduate that is most accurately defined in each question. 4-35. Attended and completed a 12-year/grade day program of classroom instruction and has a locally issued  diploma. 1. High school diploma graduate 2. High school graduate 3. Nonhigh  school  graduate 1. NOIC  weekly  dispatch  report 2. LTC production report 3. NALTS  executive  summary 4. NALTS monthly leads status report 22

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