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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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ASSIGNMENT  4 Textbook Assignment: Chapter  6,  pages  6-1  through  6-30. 4-1. Which of the following prospecting methods allows a recuiter to contact the most prospects in the least amount of time? 1. Telephone 2. Referral 3. PDCing 4. Advertising 4-2. Random phone calls through stacks of prospect cards normally produces which of the following results? 1.          Quality  prospects 2. Increased   production 3. Frustration  and  failure 4. Dedication  and  persistence 4-3. Select the purpose of a phone contact. 1. Sell the Navy 2. Sell programs 3. Sell   yourself 4. Sell military training 4-4. Identifying yourself as a Navy representative should be done at what point in your phone prospecting? 1. After an appointment is made 2. After the courtesy statement 3. When the caller asks 4. At the beginning 4-5. What is the purpose of the courtesy statement? 1. To remove one for phone rejection 2. To establish initial rapport with the prospect 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Create interest in the Navy 4-6. To  decrease  no-show  rates,  recruiters  should  make appointments  in  which  of  the  following  locations? 1. NRS  only 2. Applicant’s home only 3. A location centrally located for the recruiter  and  the  prospect 4. A location convenient for the prospect 4-7. If the prospect wants to make an appointment several  days  away,  which  of  the  following  actions should  a  recruiter  take? 1. Make the appointment and send a brief reminder  note  or  postcard 2. Make the appointment and call the prospect daily until the appointment date 3. Refuse to schedule the appointment more than 2 days in advance 4. Schedule another appointment for the same time 4-8. Receiving  objections  to  phone  prospecting  requests for appointments is a failure on the recruiter’s part. 1. True 2. False 4-9. Which of the following methods should evaluate a recruiter’s phone technique? 1. Role playing 2. Activity   analysis be used to 3. Listening when they are phone prospecting 4. Asking some of their prospects how they thought the phone calls sounded 4-10. When a prospect declines an appointment over the telephone, which of the following techniques will leave the door open for future contacts? 1. Make the contact as brief as possible 2. Tell  the  prospect  about  Navy  opportunities over  the  telephone 3. Let the prospect know that people’s plans do change 4. Ask  for  referrals 4-11. If a recruiter does not feel certain about an appointment,  which  of  the  following  steps  should be  taken? 1. Schedule  another  appointment  in  the  area 2. Ask a DEP member to talk to the prospect before the appointment 3. Send or telephone a reminder 4. All of the above 20

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