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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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3-37. School folders should be maintained on which of the  following  educational  facilities? 1. High  schools 2. Vocational/technical   schools 3. Junior colleges 4. All of the above 3-38. The RINC approves a recruiter’s school canvassing plan by which of the following activities? 1. Initialing the school folder at the beginning of each month 2. Initialing  the  school  folder  after  each  visit 3. Making  a  training  record  entry 4. Including the recruiter’s input in the station plan 3-39. ZSs should review and initial school folders at which  of  the  following  times? 1. During each visit 2. During the first visit each month 3. During the first visit each quarter 4. During the first visit following the scheduled school  visit 3-40. School year goals for will-grads should be based on which of the following criteria? 1. Fair share only 2. Past  production  only 3.    Quality only 4. Fair share and subjective factors 3-41. The DEP status board should be displayed in view of prospects and DEP personnel. 1. True 2. False 3-42. Maintaining  the  DEP  status  board  is  the responsibility of which of the following personnel? 3. 1. DEP coordinator 2. RINC ZS 4. Recruiter designated in writing 3-43. The DEP status board provides which of the following information? 1. A rolling 12-month picture of the DEP pool 2. DEP  referral  success 3. Accession dates 4. All of the above 3-44. If lists are available, you should fill out a prospect card for which of the following students? 1. Seniors  only 2. Seniors and juniors only 3. Seniors,  juniors,  and  sophomores  only 4. Seniors,  juniors,  sophomores,  and  freshman 3-45. Cards we retained in the work force file for what specific period of time? 1. 1  year  from  graduation 2. 2  years  from  graduation 3. 3  years  from  graduation 4. 4 years from graduation 3-46. The college file includes cards on which of the following  individuals? 1. All 2- and 4-year college students 2. First and second year students attending 4- year colleges only 3. First  year  students  attending  2-  or  4-year colleges only 4. First and second year students attending 2- or 4-year  colleges 3-47. The inactive file contains cards on which of the following  individuals? 1. Disqualified and rejected individuals 2. Prior service prospects 3. Individuals  the  RINC  has  deemed  not requiring   further   contact 4. All of the above 3-48. Which of the following methods should be used to designate  a  card  for  the  inactive  file? 1. Write INACTIVE across the front of the card 2. Draw a diagonal red line across the front of the card 3. Note the reason for disqualification or rejection on the back of the card 4. Both 2 and 3 above 3-49. Cards  are  retained  in  the  inactive  file  for  what specific  length  of  time? 1. 1  year 2. 2 years 3. 3 years 4. 4 years 17

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