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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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3-24. Upper mental group, work force, and minority goal should be assigned based on which of  the following   criteria’? 1. Historical  production 2. Known  carryovers 3. All service accessions 4. STEAM data 3-25. The SMART system is designed to fulfill which of the   following   purposes? 1. Ensure  fair  share  goal  distribution 2. Assist in manning assignment decisions 3. Identify where the quality market can be found 4. Evaluate prospecting efforts 3-26. New  contract  overlays  are  retained  for  what minimum period of time? 1. 1  year 2. 2 years 3. 3 years 4. 4 years 3-27. The purpose(s) of an itinerary is/are to accomplish which  of  the  following  actions? 1. Increase  awareness  of  Navy  opportunities 2. Produce enlistments 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Save recruiters time 3-28. The  ZS  should  provide  itinerary  training  to  RINCs by  conducting  check  rides  at  what  minimum interval? 1. Monthly 2.   Quarterly 3. Semiannually 4. Annually 3-29. An itinerary requires a total of 6 hours to complete.  What  maximum  amount  of  time  should be spent driving? 1. 1 hour 2. 2  hours 3. 3  hours 4. 4 hours 3-30. Flexibility should be built into an itinerary. 3-31. Time spent in an area should be in direct proportion to which of the following factors? 1. Size  of  the  territory 2. Percentage of military available 3. Number  of  MHSSs 4. Economic   conditions 3-32. Which  of  the  following  locations  is  an  example  of an  activity  center? 1. Radio  station 2. Pizza   restaurant 3. Newspaper  office 4. Post  office 3-33. Which  of  the  following  locations  is  an  example  of a lead generation center? 1. High  school 2. Pizza restaurant 3. Television   station 4. Video  arcade 3-34. If a recruiter is not getting referrals from a point of  contact  at  an  itinerary  target  market  center, which of the following actions should you first take? 1. Change  the  point  of  contact 2. Change  the  target  market  center 3. Train  the  recruiter  on  referral  techniques 4. Train  the  recruiter  on  PDCing  techniques 3-35. RINCs should run itineraries at which of the following  times? 1. Before  a  new  recruiter  decides  whether  to keep an existing itinerary or develop his or her  own 2. Each  time  a  new  itinerary  is  developed 3. When  itineraries  are  not  proving  productive 4. All of the above 3-36. Of the following steps, which is most important in itinerary   preparation? 1. Setting goals to attain on the itinerary 2. Reviewing  new  RAD  material 3. Contacting DEP members in the area of the itinerary 4. Looking for additional contacts that may be made on the itinerary 1. True 2. False 16

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