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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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ASSIGNMENT  3 Textbook Assignment: Chapter  5,  pages  5-1  through  5-31. 3-1. The basic goal of marketing in Navy recruiting is to  accomplish  which  of  the  following  actions? 1. Find out where our market is and develop a plan to reach it 2. Contact as many people as possible 3. Equalize recruiting efforts in all areas 4. Develop a system to ensure level loaded goaling l In answering questions 2 through 6, select the appropriate market segment term for the market given as the question. 3-2. 3-3. 3-4. 3-5. 3-6. Our total market. 1. Primary  target  market 2. Military available 3. A cell 4. Non-prior  service Upper  mental  group  high  school  diploma graduates. 1. A cell 2. B  cell 3. Primary  target  market 4. Secondary target market Upper  mental  group  non-high  school  diploma graduates. 1. A cell 2. B  cell 3. C  cell 4. D cell 22- to 29-year old males. 1. A cell 2. B  cell 3. Primary  target  market 4. Secondary target market 17- to 21-year old males. 1. A cell 2. B  cell 3, Primary  target  market 4. Secondary target market 3-7. 3-8. 3-9. 3-10. 3-11. The purpose of the STEAM is to ensure which of the  following  conditions  are  met? 1. Each NRS has an equal share of the market 2. Each NRS has a fair share of the market 3. Goals are based on market share 4. Both 2 and 3 above Which  of  the  following  reports  provides  an accurate gauge of your recruiting success compared  to  the  other  services? 1. Daily  production  report 2. All service accession data report 3. ZIP  code  market  analysis  report 4. Station level market share report RAF is computed using which of the following populations? 1. Male  17-  to  21-year  olds 2. Male 22- to 29 year olds 3. Male high school seniors 4. All of the above What minimum percent of MHSS should test before you can use the ASVAB results to evaluate a  school’s  quality? 1. 10 percent 2. 20  percent 3. 30  percent 4. 50  percent If  you  feel  your  STEAM  data  is  incorrect,  which of the following actions should you take? 1. Submit revised numbers to the EDSPEC 2. Obtain documentation to support your claim 3. Request a re-STEAM 4. Submit  a  memorandum  stating  your  claim  to the EPO 14

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