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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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2-57. 2-58. 2-59. 2-60. 2-61. 2-62. Budget requests become the annual spending plan by quarter after approval by which of the following authorities? 1. The NRD LSO 2. The NRD CO 3. The Area supply/fiscal officer 4. The  Area  commander Requests from individuals desiring access to their records  should  be  acted  on  within  what  maximum period of time? 1. 5  working  days 2. 10  working  days 3. 48 hours 4. 72 hours A Privacy Act statement should be given before recording personal information in which of the following    situations? 1. Telephone blueprinting 2. Face-to-face  interviews 3. Applicant processing 4. All of the above Completed EST answer sheets should be retained for what specific period of time? 1. 1  month 2. 2 months 3. 3 months 4. 4 months ESTs found to be unfit for further use should be disposed of by which of the following methods? 1. Burning  only 2. Shredding  only 3. Burning or shredding 4. Normal waste disposal When a test administrator takes the NFQT on an overnight trip, which of the following security requirements should be met? 1. Station personnel should accept the NFQT in a locked container and store the container in a safe or locked file cabinet 2. Station  personnel  should  log  the  NFQT  serial numbers and place it in a safe or locked file cabinet 3. The  test  administrator  should  seal  the  NFQT in an envelope and personally lock it in the NRS  safe 4. The test administrator should keep the NFQT in his or her possession at all times 2-63. Lock combinations should be changed at which of the  following  times? 1. Departure of a recruiter assigned to the NRS 2. Arrival of a recruiter at the NRS 3. Departure  of  the  NRD  security  officer 4. Arrival of a new NRD security officer 2-64. Security Container Information, Standard Form 700,  is  used  to  report  combination  changes  and record those personnel with access to the combination. Select the correct disposition for Part 1 of this form. 1. Submit it to the security officer 2. File it in the NRS SSIC file 3. Place it on the inside of the container 4. Place  it  on  the  outside  of  the  container 2-65. Plant property includes equipment having an estimated or actual cost of what minimum dollar amount? 1. $500 2. $1,000 3. $2,500 4. $5,000 2-66. Minor  property  includes  which  of  the  following items? 1. Furniture  costing  $1,200 2. Equipment  costing  $700 3. Pilferable   equipment 4. All of the above 2-67. Station files should be maintained in accordance with which of the following directives? 1. COMNAVCRUITCOMINST   5215.1 2. COMNAVCRUITCOM  NOTE  5216 3. SECNAVINST 5210.11 4. SECNAVINST  5215.4 2-68. Correspondence  relating  to  awards  should  be  filed under which of the following SSIC numbers? 1. 1100 2. 1300 3. 1400 4. 1600 12

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