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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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2-11. The  CRF  personnel  status  report  details  which  of the  following  information? 1. Status of all CRF billets 2. Current RQS levels of personnel assigned 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. CRF  duty  preferences 2-12. All CRF E-7 personnel should complete ZS RQS qualifications within what maximum period of time? 1. Within 6 months of assignment as a ZS 2. Within 6 months of graduation from the CRF academy 3. Within 24 months of graduation from the CRF  academy 4. Within 24 months of CRF selection 2-13. A ZSEB should consist of which of the following members? 1. Area commander, Area CMC, NRD CO, and the CR from member’s NRD 2. Area commander, Area CMC, NRD CO, NRD EPO, and NRD CR 3. Area commander, Area CMC, CR from another NRD, and an Area trainer 4. Area commander, NRD CMC, NRD CR, and an Area trainer 2-14. The  NRD  CO  may  recommend  reversion  to  prior rating  for  those  personnel  serving  in  recruiting  for what maximum period of time? 1. 1 year 2. 2 years 3. 5 years 4. 6 years 2-15. Members with over 36 months in CRF may not be recommended  for  termination  from  CRF  and  rating reversion or conversion. 1. True 2. False 2-16. 2-17. 2-18. 2-19. 2-20. Individuals who have not demonstrated the necessary qualities to succeed in recruiting should be nominated for board review at which of the following  times? 1. As soon as identified 2. After  completion  of  3  months  recruiting  duty only 3. After  completion  of  6  months  recruiting  duty only 4. After  completion  of  12  months  recruiting duty  only Before recommending a recruiter to an RSB, you should  ask  yourself  which  of  the  following questions? 1. Have I given the individual every possible opportunity  to  succeed? 2. Has the individual been a burden to the NRS? 3. Has the individual been a disciplinary problem? 4. Would  the  individual  be  happier  off recruiting   duty? Which  of  the  following  individuals  should  preside as board president on an RSB? 1. NRD CO 2. NRD XO 3. NRD EPO 4. Area  CMC Individuals made available for reassignment as a result of an RSB should have SDAP terminated at which  of  the  following  times? 1. The date the availability message is sent 2. The date the RSB is conducted 3. The date the individual is taken off production 4. Upon  transfer  only No-fault transfers should e considered for which of the  following  reasons? 1. Lack of integrity 2. Misconduct 3. Indebtedness 4. Domestic  problems 8

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