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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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1-34. Steps  you  want  the  student  to  accomplish  in order to meet the terminal objective are known as which  of  the  following  objectives? 1-41. That’s an important question; can someone in the class help him out? 1. Rhetorical 2. Direct 3. Relay 4. Reverse 1. Reacting 2. Intermediate 3. Enabling 4. Resultant 1-42. ENRO is designed to fulfill which of the following  functions? The conclusion of a lesson plan should include which of the following elements? 1-35. 1. Fully prepare students to perform as recruiters 2. Give  students  polished  sales  skills 3. Provide students with basic orientation to recruiting 4. Provide students with an in-depth knowledge of recruiting 1. Summary  only 2. Summary and closure only 3. Summary, closure, and readiness 4. Summary, remotivation, and closure When  delivering  a  lesson  plan,  you  should  use which of the following types of communication? 1-36. 1-43. Of  the  following  time  periods,  which  should  be given as dedicated study time to candidates for the  March  E-6  examination? 1. One-way 2. Two-way 3. Demonstration performance 4. Active participation 1. 1 day per week for 6 weeks starting in January 2. 1 day per week for 10 weeks starting in December 3. 1 afternoon per week for 6 weeks starting in January 4. 1 afternoon per week for 10 weeks starting in  December 1-37. Which  of  the  following  characteristics  should NOT be used in effective questions? 1. Challenging 2. Limited  to  one  idea 3. Containing more than one idea 4. Purposeful 1-44. Individual annual awards are determined by which  of  the  following  processes? Develop  a  pattern  when  questioning  students  for comprehension to make sure no one is left out. 1-38. l 1-39. 1. Production  analysis 2. Nomination 3. Application 4. Election 1. True 2. False In answering questions 1-39 through 1-41, match the  question  given  to  the  correct  type. 1-45. Which  of  the  following  awards  is  earned  for excellence in minority recruiting? What is PMA? By the end of this lesson we’ll not only know the answer but have some as well. 1. MEDSTAR 2. Trident 3. Heritage 4. Admiral’s  Award 1. Rhetorical 2. Overhead 3. Direct 4. Reverse 1-46. The  REIP  is  an  advancement  incentive  program for which of the following achievements? 1-40. How  would  you  evaluate  a  new  itinerary,... Dustin? 1. Meritorious achievements only 2. Recruiting  production  only 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Recruiting  support 1. Overhead 2. Direct 3. Relay 4. Reverse 4

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