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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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ASSIGNMENT  1 Textbook Assignment: Chapter 1, pages 1-1 through 1-17, chapter 2, pages 2-1 through 2-21, and chapter 3, pages 3-1 through  3-24. 1-1. The  CRF  is  described  as  a  cadre  of  exceptional recruiting managers. Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of this cadre? 1. To  provide  technical  expertise  to  newly assigned   recruiters 2. To  provide  consistency  and  leadership  to the recruiting effort 3. To provide marketing insights to the recruiting effort 4. To provide a constant pool of recruiting volunteers 1-2. The CRF community should make up what specific  percent  of  the  recruiting  strength? 1. 10  percent 2. 15  percent 3. 20 percent 4. 25 percent 1-3. The CRF selection board meets at which of the following  times? 1. January  and  July  of  each  year 2. February and November of each year 3. March, July, and November of each year 4. July and December of each year 1-4. As a CRF member, your tasks actually can be narrowed down to which of the following responsibilities? 1. Marketing,  sales,  and  management 2. Prospecting, sales, and processing 3. Supervision,  accountability,  and  follow-up 4. Leadership,   training,   and   managing 1-5. You have been assigned as zone supervisor (ZS) and find one of your RINCs is very senior to you. Which of the following actions should you take? 1. Establish   your   positional   authority dominance  immediately 2. Make  it  clear  to  the  senior  member  that  you are in charge 3. Solicit  the  individual’s  input  and  expedite his or her training 4. Defer  to  the  senior  individual’s  decisions and  desires 1-6. The CR has told you and the other ZSs to make immediate  improvements  to  prospect  card documentation.  How  should  you  pass  this concern on to your zone? 1. Send  a  memo  stating  the  CR’s  instructions 2. Notify RINCs that the CR will probably be inspecting prospect card documentation during station visits 3. Call all the RINCs and tell them the CR wants to see immediate improvement 4. As you make station visits, let the RINCs know you want to see improvement if it is needed 1-7. Motivational  techniques  include  which  of  the following  methods? 1. Hammer,  carrot,  and  internal 2. Hammer, PMA, and rewards 3. Carrot,  external,  and  internal 4. Rewards, discipline, and power 1-8. When you take over a new zone, there is normally a heightened level of concern among the RINCs and recruiters. You should take which,  if  any,  of  the  following  steps  to  alleviate the concern? 1. Let them know you are a friend 2. Restabilize as quickly as possible 3. Increase  their  anxiety  by  promising inspections 4. None; don’t restabilize too quickly 1-9. Knowing your people consists of understanding which of the following characteristics? 1. Their strengths and weaknesses 2. Their goals and aspirations 3. Their ideals and convictions 4. All of the above 1

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