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Page Title: Sale of Food Items
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recommendation   should capability  of  your  GM. Transfer  Documents not  jeopardize  the  operating Transfers of food items between ships and GMs ashore must be covered by a DD Form 1149 or a DD Form  1348m  or  some  other  document  required  by  the transferring   activity. These   documents   must   be prepared with an original and five copies. Distribution and Posting The copies of the transfer document are distributed to the receiving activity and three copies are kept at the transferring activity. The  subsistence  bulk  storeroom storekeeper  posts  issues  to  the  NAVSUP  Forms  209  or  the NAVSUP Forms 335 in the Other column and then gives the copies to the GM records keeper. SALE OF FOOD ITEMS Food items may be sold to private messes afloat and Navy/Marine Corps officer and enlisted clubs ashore if approved  by  the  commanding  officer. Sales to Afloat Private Messes When  food  items  are  sold  directly  from  the  GM  to a private mess, the authorized representative of the private mess will prepare a NAVSUP Form 1282. The NAVSUP Form 1282 will be signed by the private mess manager or treasurer, or an authorized representative. If a  person  other  than  the  private  mess  manager  or treasurer  is  authorized  to  sign  requisitions,  such authority will be furnished to the FSO in writing. The signed  requisition  will  be  forwarded  for  approval  by  the FSO or the designated representative. The approved requisition will be priced and extended at the last receipt unit price in effect at the time of issue with the exception of donated dairy products that will be sold at fixed prices. The GM representative and the jack-of-the-dust will  sign  for  receipt  and  issue  of  the  material  and  the NAVSUP Form 1282 will be distributed as follows: l l l Signed original to the FSO to be held under lock pending preparation of the billing document. Signed duplicate to the mess treasurer. Signed  triplicate,  forward  to  the  GM  records keeper used for posting to the NAVSUP Form 335.  After  posting  is  completed,  this  copy  is placed in the cash sales file. Sales to authorized private messes will be posted to the NAVSUP Form 335 as they occur. The value of sales to the private messes will be posted to the NAVSUP Form 367 monthly from a copy of the billing document. Under no circumstances will unprepared food items furnished  from  the  GM  to  a  private  mess  be  billed  on the basis of meals consumed. Sale of Galley Bakery Products NAVFSSO will issue a price list that will be used in pricing the galley-produced bakery products sold to private messes. This price list is revised on a 6-month cycle or as required by changes in prices of the basic ingredients. The   cost   of   galley-produced   bakery products that do not appear in the price list is established at the local level based on the last receipt invoice prices for the basic ingredients.   At the option of the FSO, a quarterly price list based on the last receipt prices of basic ingredients and approved by the commanding officer   or   the   commanding   officer’s   designated representative   may   be   established   for   all galley-produced  bakery  products.  In  no  case  will locally established prices be less than the current prices issued by NAVFSSO. A  separate  issue  document,  NAVSUP  Form  1282 (fig. 2-13), is used for galley-produced bakery products. This form is submitted in triplicate, listing the items and quantities required, and is signed by the mess treasurer or the mess treasurer’s designated representative. The approved document is presented to the baker for issue of the products. When issues are made, the authorized representative  of  the  private  mess  will  sign  the  original and  two  copies  of  the  NAVSUP  Form  1282  for  receipt of the items and the issue document will be distributed as  follows: .  Original,  priced  and  extended,  to  the  FSO  to  be kept under lock and key until used for preparation of the monthly billing document. (Galley-baked products should  be  listed  separately  on  the  monthly  billing document to facilitate deduction from the quarterly recap of issues to the GM part of the retained returns.) . Duplicate to the mess treasurer of the private mess. .  Triplicate  to  the  GM  records  keeper  to  be subtracted from the daily value of issues to the NAVSUP Form 1282 for the GM. The  value  of  galley-produced  bakery  products  sold will be deducted from the total value of issues to the GM before posting to the General Mess Control Record, 2-17

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