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Page Title: Mass or Captive Feeding
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responsible  personnel  for  the  error  whereby  both must  initial  the  correction NAVSUP  Form  1291.–   This  form  should  be preserialized  and  the  headings  completed  before  each meal to ensure control and to prevent loss or misuse of the signature sheets. Either the MDMAA or the person authorized in writing by the FSO supervises the signing of the NAVSUP Forms 1291. The supervising MDMAA should  be  seated  on  a  high  stool  behind  the  signature counter to verify meal passes and to direct personnel to the correct meal signature sheet. This assignment is one of  the  most  important  duties  within  the  division.  This person  must  be  firm  but  fair  in  carrying  out  this assignment.  This  person  must  make  sure  each  person passing through the serving mess line is entitled to either rations-in-kind or pays, without exceptions. Categories  of  personnel.  The  number  of  personnel fed in each category is determined by requiring the personnel  in  each  category  (Regular  Navy,  Naval Reserve, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard) to sign separate  forms.  The  forms  should  be  placed  on  separate clipboards, color coded to match the meal passes, or have stenciled signs to indicate the personnel categories. Minor categories may be combined on a single form and the  appropriate  category  entered  in  the  Command/Unit column. Night and brunch meals. Night meals arc served between 2000 and 0800 hours. Brunch meals served before  0900  hours  are  recorded  as  breakfasts.  Brunch meals served after 0900 hours are recorded as lunches. Special  feeding  occasions.  The  number  of  persons fed  at  special  feeding  occasions,  such  as  picnics, barbecues,  and  cookouts,  are  counted  and  reported  for the regular GM meal that the special event replaces. Mass or Captive Feeding.– Mass feeding means accounting for a group of personnel by using a NAVSUP Form 1292 as a summary document instead of obtaining individual signatures on a NAVSUP Form 1291. At activities with mass or captive feeding, such as recruit training centers, schools, brigs, and groups fed outside the GM, the person in charge of a draft or group of personnel uses a NAVSUP Form 1292 to record the number  of  personnel  in  each  category  to  be  fed  at  the meal. The person in charge computes the total; writes an appropriate statement in the Remarks block, such as “Mass feeding-school,” or” Mass feeding-picnic”; and signs on the first signature line including grade or rate and service number. When a group is fed in the GM, the person in charge of the group presents the completed NAVSUP Form 1292 to the MDMAA upon entering the messdeck. The MDMAA makes a count of the group as it passes to verify the total, writes Total Verified, and signs on the second   signature   line.   The   MDMAA   retains   the NAVSUP  Form  1292  and  assembles  it  with  the appropriate NAVSUP Forms 1291 for that meal. Meals finished to personnel not passing through the mess line, such as working parties, inpatients of the dispensary  or  hospital,  duty  foodservice  personnel, prisoners,  and  picnic  or  outing  personnel,  are  handled as mass feeding. However, persons eating individually, in these cases, sign the NAVSUP Form 1291 and are excluded from the count on the mass feeding NAVSUP Form 1292. A person familiar with this responsibility is designated to prepare the NAVSUP Form 1292 and deliver it to the records keeper as soon as possible after the meal and no later than the following morning. The records  keeper  checks  the  form  to  make  sure  it  is complete  and  makes  such  checks  as  possible  to  verify the total. The records keeper writes “Checked” and signs on the third signature line. Meal Recapitulation.–  Upon  securing  the  mess line, the MDMAA assembles the forms in sequence by category and draws an ink line below the last name of each  form.  The  MDMAA  determines  the  total  number of signatures for each category of personnel and enters the totals on a NAVSUP Form 1292, which is prepared in an original and one copy. The total of all categories is entered  as  the  first  subtotal.  The  totals  for  breakfast, lunch, and dinner are entered on the same form. Separate forms are not prepared for each meal. The MDMAA signs  on  the  first  signature  line  and  delivers  the NAVSUP Form 1292 to the FSO after the dinner meal. When more than one MDMAA is on duty at different meals, they both initial the subtotal(s) for which they are responsible and both sign on the first signature line. Duty Cashier.–  When cash sales are made, the duty cashier enters the total number of meals sold from the GM  in  the  Cash  Sales  block,  computes  the  second subtotal,  and  signs  the  certification  on  the  second signature line. The entry opposite the Cash Sales block includes all meals sold, both those for which cash is collected  before  admission  to  the  serving  line  and  those sold on a credit basis. This figure should agree with the total  recorded  in  the  daily  meal  record. On some stations the cashier billet may be combined with  the  MDMAA.  This  can  be  accomplished effectively  providing  the  person  assigned  has  received proper   training.   There   is   no   individual   duty   or assignment that can be singled out as the most important within the foodservice division because it takes team 13-15

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