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Page Title: Daily Allowed Rations
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All naval beach groups All  GMs  operated  aboard  permanently  moored ships that grant liberty under shore command conditions,   including   naval   inactive   ship maintenance  facilities Daily  Allowed  Rations.–  The   executive   or personnel  officer  verbally  advises  the  FSO  of  any significant  changes  in  the  expected  number  of  rations allowed for all categories of personnel to be fed in the GM  for  the  following  day.  If  warranted  by  local operating conditions, the executive or personnel officer furnishes  this  information  more  frequently.  When  the allowed  rations  include  rations  for  foreign  or  other personnel for whom certification is required, the FSO is so advised. The FSO uses the daily expected number of rations  allowed  to  accomplish  the  following: . Plan the quantities of food to be prepared on the following  day  after  adjusting  the  net  allowed  rations  by other factors affecting the number of personnel to be fed. .  Prepare  a  certification  of  rations  issued  for personnel who require it. Before their departure, the number of rations received should be entered on the certificate and the person in charge of the group should sign it. If the signature of the person in charge of such personnel cannot be obtained, the FSO should sign the certificate. Tenant activities should verbally advise the host command of any significant changes in the expected number  of  personnel  to  be  fed  in  the  GM  for  the following  day. Meal Pass.– The Meal Pass, NAVSUP Form 1105, is issued by the personnel office to identify each member authorized to eat in the GM ashore. The NAVSUP Form 1105 is available in white, blue, pink, green, salmon, and yellow. The  host  command  is  responsible  for  coordinating procedures  governing  meal  passes  to  ensure  consistency by all tenant commands using the activity’s GM. In this responsibility, the host command specifies the colors to be  used  for  each  category  of  personnel  and  prescribes procedures for controlling the issue of meal passes. Commands  performing  personnel  and  administrative functions must be responsible for the actual issue and control of NAVSUP Form 1105, which will be accepted as valid by any GM. Different color meal passes must be used to identify Naval Reserve and other military personnel in the following manner: 13-12 . Naval Reserve enlisted personnel on active duty should  be  assigned  the  same  color  meal  passes  as Regular Navy personnel and should, for the purpose of GM accounting, be considered Regular Navy. . Naval Reserve enlisted personnel on active duty for  training  (ACDUTRA)  should  be  assigned  meal passes of a different color than Navy and Naval Reserve personnel on active duty and should be recorded and accounted for separately by the GM. .  Different  color  meal  passes  are  assigned  to enlisted   members   of   other   service   categories   as determined by local needs. The possession of a meal pass entitles the holder to consume meals at government expense in any Navy GM; therefore, it is incumbent upon each command to make sure only those enlisted members entitled to receive such meals are issued and permitted to retain a NAVSUP Form 1105. Commands  issue  a  meal  pass  to  each  enlisted member assigned who is entitled to rations-in-kind. Meal passes are not to be issued to the following: l l l Personnel receiving commute rations Personnel  receiving  basic  allowance  for subsistence Personnel  assigned  to  another  command,  except at  activities  where  two  or  more  commands  are serviced by a single personnel office When a meal pass is issued to an individual, the individual’s  name  and  social  security  number  are  typed or printed opposite the pass number in the meal-pass log and the recipient signs the log. Head Count Procedures.– A signature head count procedure is used by all shore GMs, except in cases of mass or captive feeding, to determine the actual number of personnel fed at each meal. Every person receiving a meal  must  sign,  in  ink,  a  Meal  Signature  Record, NAVSUP Form 1291, to indicate receipt (fig. 13-5). Ration credit is based on the number of signatures recorded.  One  initial  surname  and  meal-pass  number (except contract facilities’ personnel who should insert one initial and surname only) are required of each individual. Command or unit entries are not required by parent (host) activity personnel or by tenant activity personnel if a means is used to identify individual tenant activities. Transient personnel are required to indicate their parent command or unit. Individuals passing through the serving line more than once during the same meal should sign the NAVSUP Form 1291 only once.

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