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The  following  paragraphs  discuss  the  general purchase regulations, purchase under existing shore contracts, open market purchase, and the use of the Order for Supplies or Services/Request for Quotations, DD Form 1155. General  Regulations The following rules apply to all purchases of food items: 1. Food items authorized for use by your ship or station may be purchased under monthly, quarterly, or annual contracts if the items cannot be furnished from a normal source of supply. 2.  The  Department  of  Agriculture  controls  the entry of certain foreign-grown fruits, vegetables, and meats  into  the  United  States  through  absolute quarantine. Therefore, in the procurement of meats, fruits,  and  vegetables  in  foreign  waters,  only  such quantities should be taken on board as will be consumed completely before arrival in home waters. Inform the senior medical department representative when any purchase  is  contemplated. 3. Do not order for use in the GM any brand name article,   food   substitute,   or   other   item   on   which competition  is  restricted. 4. Order perishable food items well in advance of the time set for sailing. You may need the additional time to replace items that are not according to specifications. 5. Use the bakery facilities and equipment of your ship  or  station  to  capacity.  Keep  purchases  of commercial bakery products to a minimum. Purchasing Under Existing Shore Contracts When you are purchasing food items that ordinarily arc not in stock at the normal sources of supply ashore, such items should be procured by the supply officer of the shore supply activity with whom the requisition was placed. The Order for Supplies and Services/Request for Quotation, DD Form 1155 (fig. 12-9), should be used when  you  are  purchasing  under  existing  indefinite  or definite contracts. When you are preparing a DD Form 1155, make sure all the captions are filled in correctly and verify against contract bulletins before placing orders. Also, make sure the contract number is clearly shown in the proper place on the form. Complete  information  on  the  preparation  of  the  DD Form 1155 for definite or indefinite deliveries can be found  in  the  Procurement  section  of  the  NAVSUP P-486, volume I. The  FSO  should  keep  two  completed  receipt  copies, with the inspector’s signature, of all orders for delivery of food items under lock and key until the bills to which they  pertain  have  been  received. Local Purchases Local purchases for ashore GMs use are authorized only  through  local  supply  support  activities.  Activities afloat  normally  may  not  purchase  food  items  from commercial sources for GM use. If food requirements cannot be secured from regular supply sources (such as a  local  supply  activity,  an  indefinite  delivery  contract, and transfers from another military service or from ship’s  stores),  local  purchases  may  be  made  by  the supply officer, subject to limitations imposed by the senior  officer  present,  of  approved  items  providing: l l l there   is   an   immediate   need   and   urgent requirement  for  authorized  supplies  or  services; the supplies or service arc not available at the local supply support activity; and time is of the essence and scheduled operations may  not  permit  procurement  through  Navy shore-based  purchasing  activities. Fleet  fast  pay  is  a  procedure  that  allows  fast payment under limited conditions to a contractor before the  government’s  verification  that  supplies  have  been received and accepted. Fast payment procedures are used for food supplies only. The procedure provides for payment for food supplies based on the contractor’s submission   of   an   invoice   that   constitutes   a representation  that: l the supplies have been delivered to a point of first receipt  by  the  government;  and l the contractor agrees to replace, repair, or correct supplies  not  received  at  destination,  damaged  in transit,  or  not  conforming  with  purchase agreements. The  ship  will  not  receive  a  dealer’s  invoice  nor should  it  present  any  documents  showing  receipt  and acceptance to the paying office or to the supporting supply activity ashore before payment for material ordered under the fast payment clause. The consignee’s (GM) copy of the purchase order will contain the following instruction: “Consignee’s  notification  to  purchasing  activity of nonreceipt, damage, or conformance.” The consignee  shall  tell  the  purchasing  activity promptly after specified date of delivery in the 12-11

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