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Page Title: Poultry Types
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TYPES Various  styles  of  chicken,  duck  and  turkey  are available for use in Navy messes. All poultry is inspected to make sure it is free from disease and is slaughtered, dressed, and processed in a clean  manner.  Canned,  boned  chicken  and  turkey  are also  inspected  for  wholesomeness. Poultry may also be graded as to quality. Grading is done according to overall appearance, meatiness, amount of fat, and the presence or absence of defects (torn  skin,  discoloration,  bruises,  and  so  forth).  USDA grades A, B, and C are used to indicate poultry that has been officially graded. Grades B and C are not as attractive as grade A but are still wholesome. They may have defects and faulty conformation and be lacking in meat content and fat cover. Examples of grade stamps are shown in figure 6-6. Chicken Frozen broiler-fryer chickens weighing 3 to 3 1/2 pounds are procured in several styles: Whole Cutup Figure  6-6.—Inspection  and  grade  stamps  for  poultry. . Quartered . Breasts .  Legs l  Thighs l Frozen Rock Cornish hens are young chickens weighing 20 to 25 ounces that have been produced by crossbreeding  the  Cornish  chicken  with  other  chicken species. They require only thawing and splitting in half and washing under cold water before cooking. . Canned, boned chicken offers space and weight savings. It needs no refrigeration and is usually stocked when freezer space is limited. Canned chicken may be used  in  recipes  requiring  diced  chicken,  such  as  chow mein,  tetrazinni,  baked  chicken  with  noodles,  and chicken  salad. .  Frozen  chicken,  breaded,  precooked,  drumsticks and  thighs  and/or  breast  halves,  is  available  for reheating either in the oven or in the deep-fat fryer. The product can be reheated quickly and used as an entrée item  or  on  the  speedline. . Frozen, chicken fillet, breaded, precooked, also can be reheated quickly and used for sandwiches or as an  entrée  item. .  Frozen,  chicken  fillet,  unbreaded,  precooked, also can be reheated quickly and used for sandwiches or as an entrée item. l   Frozen   chicken   fillet   nuggets,   breaded, precooked, can be reheated quickly and used as an entrée item or on the speedline. Turkey Turkey for Navy messes is procured in the following styles: . Frozen, whole turkeys vary widely in weight. Hen turkeys have a minimum weight of 12 pounds; tom turkeys weigh 16 to 24 pounds. Self-basting and regular whole  turkeys  are  procured.  An  8-  to  12-pound  whole turkey  is  available  for  use  aboard  submarines. . Frozen, boneless, raw turkey rolls weigh 9 to 12 pounds and contain the same proportion of light and dark meat as whole turkey. Raw turkey rolls require cooking. 6-11

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