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Page Title: Passageways and Vestibules
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e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. Scrub down shower stalls. Wipe down glass doors or stainless steel doors. Scrub rubber mats and air dry. Scrub,  clean,  and  disinfect/sanitize  urinals and  commodes  (use  rubber  gloves). Wipe down partitions or dividers. Sweep and swab deck with hot soapy water and  disinfectant. Replenish  toilet  paper. Empty trash can. Clean and neatly store all cleaning gear in locker. WEEKLY a. b. c. d. e. f. Scrub down bulkhead. Clean  overhead  and  light  fixtures. Scrub  down  shower  curtains;  replace  as required. Descale urinals and commodes. Wipe down and polish stainless steel and all other  brightwork. Sweep, swab, and scrub deck with hot soapy water and disinfectant. CLEAN AS SCHEDULED a. b. c. Replace  burned-out  bulbs  as  required. Replace  missing  curtain  hooks  and  rubber mats. Check for water leaks; cold and hot water. Passageways and Vestibules Passageways and vestibules are also important parts of  the  responsibilities  of  MSs  and  rotational  pool personnel and must be incorporated in both the daily and weekly schedules. An example of a passageway and vestibule  cleaning  bill  follows: DAILY a. b. c. Sweep down ladders; vacuum if necessary. Sweep, swab, and buff passageways and vestibule  decks. Wipe down ladder handrails with hot soapy water. d. e. f. Clean  around  deck  combing  or  hatch openings. Check angle irons and ledges for gear adrift. Clean  scuttlebutt. WEEKLY a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Spot-check bulkheads and scrub down as required. Sweep, swab, wax, and buff decks. Dust overhead, light fixtures, and air vents. Clean baseboards and make sure all corners are completely cleaned. Scrub down ladders and dust guards with hot soapy water. Clean  knife  edges  of  hatches  and  ports. Polish  brightwork  as  scheduled. CLEAN  AS  SCHEDULED a. b. c. Strip  wax  once  every  2  weeks  or  as scheduled. Check  nonskid  deck  treads;  replace  as required. Check  for  burned-out  bulbs  and  replace  as d. required. Check quarterly for preservation and paint as  required. Care of Deck Coverings There are various types of floor coverings such as vinyl,  linoleum,  and  terrazzo  provided  for  the  interior decks. These coverings require special care. Rough and improper  maintenance  quickly  destroys  the  appearance and durability of these coverings, Before cleaning and finishing  these  coverings,  you  should  refer  to  the NAVSUP P-421. This gives information on the proper cleaning solution and the type of wax that should be used. Carpet Care The  ability  of  carpets  to  perform  most  of  the functions of many materials that are used as deck coverings  has  long  since  been  acknowledged.  Overall safety   factors   and   low   maintenance   costs   make carpeting   a   far   more   desirable   and   flexible environmental control material than any hard surface material that performs only a single function. 10-4

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