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Page Title: United States Naval Academy
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personnel provides an opportunity for the evaluation of potential  candidates  for  this  program.  The  program should be highly publicized.  MILPERSMAN, Article 1533-010  and  1533-20,  OPNAVNOTE  1533 (NROTC), and the current issue of the  Navy-Marine Corps  ROTC  College  Scholarship  Bulletin  contain additional information on eligibility requirements and application procedures.  Personnel can get application forms  for  either  the  2-  or  4-year  program  from  the command career counselor or the nearest local Navy recruiting office. Q8. How much subsistence allowance does a student receive each month? Q9. To  be  eligible  for  the  NROTC  Scholarship Program, applicants must be under what age? UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY The  Navy’s  own  undergraduate  professional college, the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland, is the academic training ground for  future  naval  officers.    The  Academy  prepares young  men  and  women,  morally,  mentally,  and physically to be professional officers in the Navy or M a r i n e   C o r p s .     T h e   f o l l o w i n g   f e a t u r e s   a re characteristics of the Academy: It is the Navy’s own undergraduate professional college. Candidates are nominated from several sources. It  offers  4  years  of  college  leading  to  a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps. The  Academy  is  one  of  those  exceptional education  programs  available  to  enlisted  men  and women  in  the  Navy.    It  takes  keen  ESOs  and  good command  personnel  to  identify  young  enlisted  men and  women  who  are  potential  candidates  for  this program.  Even if an applicant is not selected for direct entry  into  the  Naval  Academy,  each  candidate  is automatically  considered  for  entrance  into  the Academy’s preparatory school. The  following  personnel  may  nominate  high school students and active-duty military personnel to the Academy: The President or Vice President of the United States The Secretary of the Navy A senator A congressional representative Civil officials of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American  Samoa,  and  Northern  Marianas Islands High school students should begin the application process  in  their  junior  year.    Basic  eligibility requirements for the Academy include the following: Must be a citizen of the United States Must be of good moral character Must be unmarried and have no dependents Must be at least 17 years of age and have not reached their 23rd birthday on 1 July of the year of admission to the Naval Academy Must  qualify  scholastically,  physically,  and medically M I L P E R S M AN ,     A r t i c l e     1 5 3 1 - 0 1 0 ,     a nd OPNAVINSTs  1531.2,  1531.4,  1531.5,  and  1531.6 contain additional information concerning the Naval Academy.  These publications also explain application procedures and eligibility requirements. Q10. Where  is  the  United  States  Naval  Academy (USNA) located? Q11. Personnel selected for the United States Naval Academy  will  normally  attend  for  how  many years? UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH SCIENCES PROGRAM The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences  Program  provides  the  opportunity  for enlisted and officer personnel to apply and, if selected, attend a 4-year accredited medical school. Graduates receive a doctor of medicine degree.  To qualify for this p r o g r a m ,   a   p e r s o n   m u s t   a l r e a d y   p o s s e s s   a baccalaureate or higher degree. Persons  selected  for  this  program  serve  in paygrade 0-1 while in the program, regardless of their previous grade, and are promoted to paygrade 0-3 upon graduation.  Graduates incur a 7-year obligation. Detailed  instructions  for  the  program,  eligibility requirements,  and  application  procedures  are contained in SECNAVINST 1500.8. Q12. A  person  graduating  from  the  Uniformed Services  University  of  the  Health  Sciences Program will receive what type of degree? 3-6

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