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Page Title: The Dantes Examination Program
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learning experiences include military training courses, examination  programs,  and  on-the-job  experiences. Many  service  personnel  take  advantage  of  formal classroom  programs  offered  through  their  local education  centers.    However,  circumstances  often prevent  others  from  continuing  their  educational pursuits, some personnel may be assigned to isolated duty  stations,  have  erratic  work  hours,  or  receive unexpected transfer orders.  Others may be stationed in areas  where  their  particular  course  of  study  is  not offered.  Some may have advanced to a level where courses  needed  to  progress  both  personally  and professionally  are  unavailable.    Nontraditional education programs provide a practical way for these service members to further their education.  DANTES offers  service  members  alternate  ways  of  reaching their educational goals. Q36.   What is nontraditional education? Q37.   Who can offer advice on how command members can receive credit earned nontraditionally? THE DANTES EXAMINATION PROGRAM Various  DANTES  examinations  and  testing services are available to service members. Most of the tests are free to Navy members.  Consult with the Navy College  Office,  which  maintains  the   DANTES Examination  Program  Handbook  (DEPH),  for  full details  on  each  test.    Navy  College  Office  staff members  are  trained  to  act  as  DANTES  test  control officers. The  examinations  provided  by  DANTES  are available  to  all  active-duty  military  personnel, midshipmen  of  the  U.S.  Naval  Academy,  and reservists. DANTES examinations are not authorized for  persons  who  have  been  separated  from  active military  service  or  are  not  members  of  a  Reserve component. DANTES sponsors a wide range of examination programs  throughout  the  world  at  various  education centers  (administered  primarily  by  Navy  College Offices)  and  aboard  ships  (administered  by  ESOs). For example, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, based on his or her own skill and knowledge, could take a series of professional  nursing  examinations.    The  corpsman could then apply these credits toward a Bachelor of Science  degree  in  nursing  and  ultimately  receive  a license as a registered nurse (RN).   The  trained  Navy  mechanic  could  become nationally certified or receive college credit through t h e    A u t o m o t i v e    S e r v i c e    E x c e l l e n c e    ( A S E) examinations.    The  English  literature  buff  or  the Spanish-speaking  Navy  person  could  earn  credit toward a degree by passing the appropriate tests. Some  examinations  help  determine  a  person’s interests  and  help  in  the  educational  counseling  of military personnel.  For additional information on the DANTES Examination Programs, visit their website at  The  primary testing  programs  available  through  DANTES  are described in the following paragraphs. GED Testing Program The  General  Education  Development  (GED) Testing Program is designed for adults who have not finished their formal high school education.  Through the  GED  they  can  earn  a  high  school  equivalency certificate.    For  additional  information  on  the  GED, refer  to  your  DANTES  Examination  Program Handbook  (DEPH)   or   visit   their   website   at  You can also  contact the local Navy College Office.   College Admission Examinations College  admission  examinations  determine  the qualification of personnel for college admission and for some officer accession programs.  Qualification is based on the applicants’  scores on American College Testing Assessment (ACT) or Scholastic Assessment Test  (SAT).    The  Graduate  Record  Examination (GRE),  the  Graduate  Management  Admission  Test (GMAT),  the  Law  School  Admissions  Test  (LSAT) and  the  PRAXIS  Tests  (formerly  National  Teacher Examination) are also available through this program. GRE,  GME,  LSAT,  and  PRAXIS  scores  are  used  to determine  a  person’s  eligibility  for  admission  to various graduate schools.  Navy College Offices and DANTES make arrangements for administration of all admission  tests.    A  list  of  college  admissions examinations can be accessed at the following website: College Level Examination Program College  Level  Examination  Program  (CLEP) examinations  are  nationally  recognized  and  widely accepted as a means by which people can earn credit by examination.  CLEP general examinations consist of a battery  of  five  tests  that  measure  college-level achievement in basic areas usually covered in the first 2-11

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