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Page Title: TA Submission and Approval Requirements
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Agree, if an officer, to remain on active duty for at  least  2  years  upon  completion  of  courses funded by TA.  This obligation runs concurrently with  any  remaining  obligated  service  time. Repayment of TA does not negate the obligation. Those  allowed  to  resign/retire  before  having served the obligation must repay the TA funds expended on their behalf during the last 2 years of active duty on a pro-rata basis.   TA Benefits The  level  of  TA  for  Navy  personnel  meeting eligibility requirements is capped as follows (as of FY 99): Undergraduate and graduate courses (measured in  semester  or  quarter  hours):    75  percent  of tuition  not  to  exceed    $187.50  per  semester hour/$125.00 per quarter hour and no more than $3,500 per individual per fiscal year.  Applies to those  seeking  associate,  bachelor’s,  masters, doctorate, or professional degree. Vocational/Technical  courses  (measured  in clock hours):  75 percent of tuition, not to exceed $12.50 a clock hour.  TA is capped at $3,500 per individual  per  fiscal  year  for  vocational- technical courses leading to a certificate. High  school  completion  courses  (measured  in carnegie units) for service members who do not have a high school diploma:  TA will fund 100 percent. When TA funds are constrained, the Chief of Naval Operations may impose policy changes on the level of funding and the priorities for authorizing TA. TA Submission and Approval Requirements Applicants  must  submit  an  Application  for  TA (NAVMC 10883) to the Navy College Officebefore the class convening date. Steps: The service member and a Navy College Office education specialist/guidance counselor have a counseling  session,  either  one-on-one  or  in  a group,  and  decide  what  institution  to  attend, what  course  of  study  to  pursue,  and  which course(s) to take.  TA policies are fully explained to the member.   The service member fills out an Application for TA Form, which lists the courses he or she plans to take. This form is available from the Navy College Office or the student’s parent command. The service member must read and comply with all the provisions on the reverse of this form.   The  member  submits  the  form  to  the  Navy College Office before course registration.  (The form must be submitted before the end of the school’s  late  registration  or  add-drop  period. Mail-ins have until 30 days after the course start date to submit the form.) The form is available in the Navy Supply System, stock number 0109-LF-069-0000 or on the Voluntary Education  web  site  at    http://www.navycollege. Navy College Offices process and approve the TA Application.  Upon approval, a TA Authorization Form is  signed  by  the  education  specialist/guidance counselor and returned to the service member.     The member submits the original, signed copy of the  TA  Authorization  Form  to  the  school  at registration. At that time, the service member pays the tuition costs not covered by TA.  The college will use this authorized form to bill the Navy for the remainder of the tuition fees. Q11.   TA is the Navy’s financial assistance program for what type of service members? Q12.   For an undergraduate course, you must maintain at  least  what  grade  average  in  order  to  be authorized TA in the future? Q13.   A  commissioned  officer  applying  for  TA  must agree to remain on active duty for at least how many years after completion of the course? Q14.   Federal  law  provides  for  multiple  levels  of funding under TA.   What is the maximum amount of TA that may be provided for undergraduate and graduate courses? Q15.   When funds are constrained, who may impose policy changes on the level of funding and  the priorities for authorizing TA? Q16.   When should applicants submit an Application for TA to the Navy College Office? ACADEMIC SKILLS PROGRAM The Academic Skills Program provides instruction in  English,  mathematics,  and  reading  through computer  courses  and/or  instructor-taught  classes. Offering  a  sound  educational  foundation  before proceeding on to college level work, the Navy College Program  is  available  at  no  cost  to  commands  or 2-5

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