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Page Title: Selective Training and Reenlistment Program
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officer’s  recommendation  and  all  requirements  for advancement  in  rate,  including  TIR,  course completion,  performance  appraisal  reviews, performance tests (if required), and meet body fat and physical readiness standards of OPNAVINST 6110.1. Before  advancement  to  E-4,  candidates  must  also complete the  POIC .  Participation in the Navywide examination  is  not  required.    Personnel  will  be advanced on the 16th of the month, when TIR eligible, according  to  BUPERSINST  1430.16.    See  Navy Military  Personnel  Manual   (MILPERSMAN), NAVPERS 15560, article 1510-030, for more details on  the  Advanced  Electronics  Field,  Advanced Technical Field, and Nuclear Field Programs. Q20.   Under the AEF and ATF programs, personnel are authorized guaranteed advancement to E-4 upon successful completion of what training? SELECTIVE CONVERSION AND REENLISTMENT PROGRAM MILPERSMAN,  Article  1160-090,  lists  the requirements  for  advancement  under  the  Selective Conversion  and  Reenlistment  (SCORE)  Program. This program provides possible advancement to PO3 or  PO2  upon  a  person’s  satisfactory  completion  of either a class “C” school or a class “C” school package. The  CSL  lists  available  class  “C”  school  packages. Always refer to MILPERSMAN, Article 1510-020, for the current listing. Q21.   Under  the  SCORE  Program,  a  person  can  be automatically advanced to what paygrade? SELECTIVE TRAINING AND REENLISTMENT PROGRAM MILPERSMAN,  Article  1160-100,  governs  the advancement authority for the Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR) Program.  The STAR Program guarantees  a  PO3  advancement  to  PO2  upon completion  of  a  class  “C”  school  or  “C”  school package.  The CSL lists available class “C” packages. It  also  guarantees  advancement  to  PO3  upon completion  of  phase  I  of  an  AEF  class “A”  school based on automatic advancement procedures for the AEF Program. Q22.   What   MILPERSMAN   article   governs advancement authority for the STAR program? ENLISTED-TO-OFFICER PROGRAMS The  opportunity  to  receive  a  commission  as  an officer  in  the  Navy  has  never  been  better  than  it  is today.  Two of the most popular programs leading to a commission  are  the  Chief  Warrant  Officer  (CWO) Program  and  the  Limited  Duty  Officer  (LDO) Program. The Navy recognizes a need for CWOs to serve as officer  technical  specialists  and  LDOs  to  serve  as officer  technical  managers.  The  LDO  and  CWO Programs  are  the  primary  enlisted-to-officer programs sponsored by the Navy that do not require a college education.  Table 5-4 shows the normal path of advancement for each enlisted rating to which a person  may  be  promoted  in  the  commissioning programs.  Competition in both of these programs has been  and  will  continue  to  be  particularly  keen. Interested persons should begin preparation early in their careers.  Increased knowledge gained through occupational  experience  and  specialized  training through schools and correspondence courses should be sought by all potential candidates to better prepare for officer status. Chief Warrant Officer Program The  Chief  Warrant  Officer  (CWO)  Program provides a direct path of advancement for outstanding enlisted personnel. To be eligible for appointment, an applicant must meet the following requirements: Be a U.S. citizen. Be serving on active duty as a MCPO, SCPO, or a  CPO  (includes  E-6  personnel  selected  for advancement  to  E-7),  in  the  Regular  Navy, Naval Reserve, or Training and Administration of  Reserves  (TAR)  Program  at  the  time  of application  and,  if  selected,  remain  on  active duty until the appointment is tendered. Fleet  Reserve  personnel  on  active  duty  must r e q u e s t    a u t h o r i t y    f r o m    P E R S - 8 2    f or reenlistment  in  the  Regular  Navy  and  be reenlisted  USN  to  be  eligible  to  apply  for  the Active Duty CWO program. Be  physically  qualified  for  appointment  as  a CWO per the physical standards outlined in the Manual of the Medical Department. 5-13

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