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Page Title: Regents College Examination Program
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2  years  of  college.    About  70  percent  of  Navy examinees successfully pass the CLEP tests.  This is a strong motivator for career personnel.  Personnel who already  possess  credit  for  service  schools  and  work experience may earn an associate degree more quickly by successfully completing CLEP tests.  CLEP subject examinations  are  also  available.    They  measure knowledge of basic concepts, principles, relationships, and applications involved in college courses with the corresponding title. DANTES Subject Standardized Tests DANTES  Subject  Standardized  Tests   (DSSTs) include a series of examinations in academic subject matter  areas  not  usually  covered  under  CLEP.    The D S S T    p r o g r a m    i n c l u d e s    a p p r o x i m a t e l y    3 6 undergraduate-level college subjects.  Similar to final examinations,  DSSTs  demand  a  comprehensive knowledge  of  the  subject.    The  examinations  are multiple-choice  and,  unlike  other  examinations,  are not timed.  Personnel may earn 3 semester hours of credit  for  each  DSST,  as  recommended  by  the American Council on Education (ACE).  DSSTs are just  another  source  from  which  Navy  personnel  can earn college credit. Regents College Examination Program Regents  College  Examinations,  formerly  the American  College  Testing  Proficiency  Examination Program (ACT/PEP), are used to meet specific college degree requirements of the Regents College degrees and are accepted by many other colleges.  The Regents College Examinations (RCEs) were developed by the University of the State of New York.  The RCEs are available to all active-duty military personnel.  Over 35 separate RCEs are available in the areas of art and sciences,  business,  education,  and  nursing.  Military members  may  earn  academic  credit  from  many colleges and universities for successfully completing these tests. Q38.    What handbook do you consult for full details on DANTES examinations and test services? Q39.    DANTES  Examinations  Program  is  not authorized for what personnel? Q40.    You can earn what type of equivalency certificate through the GED Testing Program? Q41.    In what reference can you find information on the GED Testing Program? Q42.    What  qualifications  do  college  admission examinations determine? Q43.    What exams/tests are qualifications for college admission examinations based on? Q44.    The  CLEP  general  examinations  consist  of  a battery of how many tests? Q45.    The DSST program includes approximately how many undergraduate-level college subjects? Q46.    Who   developed   the   Regents   College Examinations Program (RCE)? Q47.    In  what  areas  are  over  35  separate  RCE examinations available? CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS DANTES  provides  certification  examinations  in several  professional  and  technical  areas.  The sponsoring  professional  or  technical  association provides these examinations.  These examinations are a  good  way  for  Navy  members  to  obtain  civilian r e c o g n i t i o n    f o r    t h e i r    N a v y    t r a i n i n g    w h i le d e m o n s t r a t i n g    a    h i g h    l e v e l    o f    p r o f e s s i o n al competence. Navy College Office test control officers are  authorized  to  administer  these  examinations  and there is a fee required for most. There  are  about  30  certification  examinations available.    In  addition  to  receiving  certification,  the American Council on Education (ACE) has reviewed four certification examinations for college credit. The local Navy College Office or the DANTES staff can provide  members  with  details  about  certification examinations. If you have access to the Internet, you can get more information on the DANTES Certification Program at Q48.    Who     p rovides    selected    certification examinations  in  several  professional  and technical areas? Q49.    Who  is  authorized  to  administer  certification examinations? Q50.    How  many  certification  examinations  are available? GUIDANCE TESTS DANTES  offers  free  interest  inventories  and aptitude tests to measure interest in different job fields and  academic  areas.    They  are  primarily  used  by 2-12

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