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Page Title: Preparing for the Selection Board -Continued
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summary  record  (ESR)  is  current,  complete,  and  in proper order.  Candidates should order a copy of their microfiche records and ESR from PERS-313C at least 6 months before the board convenes.  They should then review their records carefully to ensure all pertinent information is included. Candidates should ensure their evaluations/fitness reports  are  typed  properly,  with  no  misspellings  or other typographical errors.  These errors are as much the responsibility of the candidates as the command. They  should  also  ensure  the  evaluation  covers  the correct period of time. Candidates should seek challenging assignments, increased responsibilities, and demanding and taxing leadership positions.  Many candidates are content to homestead in a particular locale with a repetitive type o f   a s s i g n m e n t .     T h e y   w o u l d   i n c r e a s e   t h e ir advancement opportunities by maintaining a rotation of assignments. Before  evaluations/fitness  reports  are  written, candidates  should  submit  all  pertinent  information. Pertinent  information  should  include  special qualifications  earned  during  the  reporting  period, awards  received,  and  all  significant  professional achievements.    Candidates  should  list  educational a c h i e v e m e n t s ,  i n c l u d i n g  N a v y  s c h o o l s, correspondence  courses,  and  civilian-sponsored courses completed during the reporting period.  They should  also  list  collateral  duties,  command  and community  involvement,  and  any  other  information candidate’s feel is noteworthy. An evaluation/fitness report should emphasize the person’s  ability,  potential,  and  willingness  to  accept positions  of  leadership  and  management.    It  should specifically  indicate  why  the  person  should  be advanced. Commanding  officers  should  ensure  marks  are assigned  properly.    That  enables  selection  boards  to distinguish  the  top  runners  from  the  average candidates.  The top performers in a command should be ranked against their peers.  Command master chiefs, senior chiefs, or command chiefs should take part in the  evaluation/fitness  report  process.    A  reliable evaluation  system  requires  the  coordination  and cooperation of the entire chain of command.  A good evaluation system, in turn, ensures a good promotion and selection process. Commands  should  ensure  all  evaluations  are proofread for accuracy.  Many times evaluations are incomplete,  which  creates  problems  for  selection boards.    Reconstruction  of  a  member’s  career  and performance is difficult enough without requiring the board  to  guess  about  areas  left  incomplete.    Since evaluation  comments  must  be  limited  to  the  space provided  (no  continuation  sheets  are  authorized), commands  should  use  clear  and  concise  language. They  should  not  use  unusual  abbreviations  or acronyms, particularly those developed locally or of a transitory nature. Q11. Who  serves  as  the  president  on  an  E-8/9 selection board? Q12. Who serves as the recorder on an E-8/9 selection board? Q13. What personnel serve as board members on an E-8/9 selection board? Q14. Who establishes a maximum selection quota of E-7s, E-8s, and E-9s for each rating? Q15. E-7  and  E-8/9  board  members  independently review  each  candidate’s  record  during  the screening  process.    They  review  at  least  how many  years  of  performance  evaluations/ FITREPS? Q16.   What  is  the  single  most  important  factor influencing selection to E-7, E-8, or E-9? Q17. E-7, E-8, and E-9 candidates should ensure their Naval  Personnel  Command  (COMNAVPERS- COM)  official  microfiche  records  and  enlisted summary record (ESR) is current, complete, and in proper order. Candidates should order a copy of  their  microfiche  records  and  ESR  from PERS-313C at least how many months before the board convenes? COMMAND ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM The  Command  Advancement  Program  (CAP), BUPERSINST  1430.17,  authorizes  commanding officers  to  advance  a  certain  percentage  of  their assigned enlisted personnel in recognition of superior performance.    Personnel  in  paygrades  E-3,  E-4,  and E-5  may  be  advanced  to  the  next  higher  paygrade under  this  program.    The  program  is  designed  to 5-11

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