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Page Title: Preparation of the Worksheet
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Q15. What  chapter  of  the  Advancement  Manual contains  detailed  instructions  for  ordering advancement examinations? PREPARATION FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF NAVYWIDE EXAMINATIONS Once they have ordered examinations, commands should follow certain procedures to properly prepare for the administration of the examination.  The first procedure  we  will  cover  is  the  preparation  of  the Recommendation  for  Advancement-in-Rate  or Change  of  Rating  (Worksheet),  NAVEDTRA  Form 1430/2  (fig.  6-4).    Lengthy  delays  in  examination results  will  occur  if  incorrect  information  is transcribed from the worksheet onto the answer sheet forwarded  to  NETPDTC.    Carefully  screen  each answer sheet to ensure all the correct information has been properly transferred from the worksheet and all circles have been completely and correctly darkened. PREPARATION OF THE WORKSHEET An  Advancement-in-Rate  or  Change  of  Rating (Worksheet), NAVEDTRA 1430/2, should be prepared by  the  ESO  for  each  candidate  who  will  take  the N a v y w i d e    a d v a n c e m e n t    e x a m i n a t i o n .       T he Advancement  Manual ,  BUPERSINST  1430.16, contains  detailed  instructions  for  preparing  the worksheet.  Worksheets for eligible candidates should be  prepared  at  least  1  month  before  the  scheduled examination  date.    That  includes  worksheets  for members  in  paygrade  E-6  who  have  applied  for  the LDO Program,  and Command Advancement Program (CAP)  personnel.    Preparing  the  worksheets  in advance decreases the chances of computation errors and  of  incorrect  transcription  of  service  record information onto the worksheet. After  the  ESO  has  completed  the  worksheets, candidates  should  review  them  for  accuracy  of  the information transcribed from their service records and sign  them  prior  to  or  at  the  examination  site  at  the discretion  of  the  local  examining  board.   Inaccurate information could prevent a fully qualified candidate from being advanced. Examining  boards  and  candidates  use  the worksheets  as  a  checkoff  list  when  transferring  the information  from  the  worksheet  to  the  examination answer   sheet.    The  worksheet  information  is transferred to the answer sheet, shown in figure 6-5, on the  scheduled  E-4  through  E-7  examination administration  dates.  After  completion  of  the examination,  the  senior  member  of  the  examining board  returns  the  worksheets  to  the  ESO.    The worksheets  should  be  retained  for  2  years  by  the administering command, instead of filing in individual service records. NOTE:  The Advancement-in Rate or Change of Rating  (Worksheet),  NAVEDTRA  1430/2,  has  been modified and may be deleted in the near future.   Be sure  to  review  the  pre-examination  procedures outlined in the latest NAVADMIN message. Care  should  be  taken  not  to  damage  the  answer sheet.  Stray marks on the answer sheet or tears in the paper could delay examination results.   NOTE:  The answer sheets that are blue in color will not be valid after the January 2000 exam.  Use only the orange answer sheet. Q16. Detailed  instructions  for  preparing  the Recommendation  for  Advancement-in-Rate  or Change of Rating (Worksheet) can be found in what publication? ACCOUNTABILITY OF EXAMINATIONS BEFORE ADMINISTRATION If  you  are  designated  as  the  custodian  of examination  materials,  you  will  be  responsible  for their  security  and  accountability.    Examination materials  include  all  examinations  and  related materials, such as completed answer sheets and answer keys. The security of examinations does not stop upon the completion of an exam cycle.   A commissioned officer,  warrant  officer,  or  designated  civilian  must have custody of all performance tests, apprenticeship examinations  and  advancement  examinations.    A chief, senior chief, or master chief petty officer could have examination materials custody if assigned as the OIC  (or acting) of a PSD. RECEIPT OF EXAMINATIONS FROM NETPDTC Upon  receipt  and  before  administration  of  the exams,  commands  must  inspect  the  packages  for evidence of tampering.  The number of exams included in the package must match the number listed on the examination  packing  list  (fig.  6-6).    Also,  the examination serial numbers on the packing list and on the examination booklets must match.  The preprinted endorsement on the last page of the RECEIPT COPY 6-6

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