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Page Title: Personnel Advancement Requirements
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perform at the next higher level.  The Navy requires that  they  demonstrate  this  ability  by  completing mandatory rate training manuals. (See part 10 of the C a t a l o g    o f    N o n r e s i d e n t    T r a i n i n g    C o u r s e s, NAVEDTRA  12061)  and  other  advancement requirements,  such  as  Personnel  Advancement Requirements (PARs) and performance tests. F o r    E - 3 ,    c o m p l e t i o n    o f   B a s i c    M i l i t a ry Requirements (BMR) and  Airman (AN), or  Fireman (FN), or  Seaman (SN) satisfies the course eligibility requirements  for  members  who  did  not  attend apprenticeship  training.    Graduating  from  the Apprenticeship Training Program (ATP) satisfies the requirements  for  completion  of  the  AN,  FN,  or  SN requirement.    Graduation  from  ATP  DOES  NOT satisfy the BMR requirement. For E-4 through E-9, certain mandatory military and  rate  courses  must  be  completed  to  satisfy advancement  eligibility  requirements.    Successful completion  of  Class  “A ”  school  fulfills  th e requirement  for  completion  of  the  mandatory  rate course  when  participating  in  the  E-4  examination ONLY (does not apply to CT and PH ratings).  Any other advancement requirement at E-4 (e.g., military courses,PARs, performance tests) must be completed. Successfully  complete  the  NRTC  based  on  the TRAMAN.    See  the  following  special  notes concerning NRTCs and TRAMANs: Not  Repeating  Completed  Mandatory  Course Requirements.  Candidates are NOT required to complete the revised edition of a course if they have completed the previously required edition. For  example,  a  candidate  for  STGC  who  has previously completed the STG 1&C course as a candidate  for  STG1  would  not  be  required  to complete a revised STG 1&C course for future examination cycles.  Revisions may also involve splitting  existing  courses  into  modules  or consolidating  existing  courses  into  single editions.  In cases of rating mergers, candidates may be tasked with completing a revision that reflects  knowledge  and  skills  of  the  merged ratings. C o m p l e t i n g   A d d e d   M a n d a t o r y   C o u r se Requirements.    If  a  mandatory  course  is ADDED to the paygrade for which candidates are  competing,  they  must  complete  the  added requirement.    For  example,  an  E-4  has completed  the  mandatory  course  requirement f o r   E - 5 ,   a n d   a   n e w   m a n d a t o r y   c o u r se requirement,  such  as  the  Navy  Electricity  and Electronics Training Series, Module 18, is added to the E-5 paygrade.  The E-4 MUST complete the added requirement. Waiving Mandatory Course Requirement.  If a course is not available in the supply system, the mandatory requirement for completion may be waived by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-852 or PERS-862)  only;  unless  specifically  delegated to command officers by NAVADMIN message. Q8. Graduating  from  the  Apprenticeship  Training Program  (ATP)  satisfies  the  requirement for completion of what course(s)? PERSONNEL ADVANCEMENT REQUIREMENTS Personnel Advancement Requirements (PARs) are required  for  advancement  to  paygrades  E-4  through E-7 or a change in rating.  They are not required for advancement to paygrades E-1, E-2, E-3, E-8, or E-9. PARs  are  skills  and  abilities  that  can  best  be demonstrated by actual performance.  Generally, each PAR encompasses one or more occupational standards on  the  same  or  similar  subjects,  and  is  written  in on-the-job rating language.  PARs are noncompetitive and  no  relative  or  absolute  mark  is  assigned. Completion  indicates  the  candidate  can  perform  the tasks.   PARs  are  developed  by  the  same  chief  petty o f f i c e r s    w h o    d e v e l o p s    a d v a n c e m e n t - i n - r a te examinations. Completion  of  PARs  is  MANDATORY  for advancement.  Commands should make every attempt to ensure PARs are completed by personnel before they are recommended for advancement.  Due to limitations in  command  equipment,  mission,  and  operations, some  personnel  may  not  be  able  to  demonstrate  all PARs.  In these cases, actual demonstration of ability is not  mandatory.    However,  the  recommendation  for advancement  must  be  based  on  the  command  being satisfied that the individual has the necessary ability to perform properly at the higher paygrade at the present command and at other commands. PARs  sheets  are  not  designed  to  replace  other q u a l i f i c a t i o n    p r o g r a m s    s u c h    a s    P e r s o n n el Qualification  Standards  (PQS).    PARs  items  that duplicate “sign off” items in these types of programs can be signed off as a PARs item if they have already been signed off under any of these types of programs. PARs  sheets  are  available  through  the  Navy  Supply System  (see  the  Catalog  of  Nonresident  Training 4-8

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