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Page Title: Ordering Tips
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Part  9:    Chaplain  Corps  Nonresident  Training Products. Part 10:  Tables showing mandatory courses for advancement in rate. Planning Ahead You  should  refer  to  your  command’s  Enlisted Distribution  and  Verification  Report  (EDVR)  to identify the different rates/ratings, and the number of personnel  in  each  rate/rating,  that  your  office  must support.    Using  EDVR  data,  you  should  be  able  to accurately project the types and numbers of courses you’ll need for a given year.  Keep in mind that certain courses  such  as  the  military  requirements  courses (such  as  the  Basic  Military  Requirements  for  PO3, PO2)  and  apprenticeship  courses  (AN,  FN,  SN)  are used by most ratings. How to Order Most courses (all courses in Part 1 of the Catalog of  Nonresident  Training  Courses  [NAVEDTRA 12061])  must  be  requisitioned  from  the  Naval Inventory  Control  Point  (NAVICP-PHILA)  in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania.    Requisitions  must  be forwarded  in  the  electronic  MILSTRIP  (Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures) format (fig.  4-1).    NAVSUP  Publication  409  (MILSTRIP/ MILSTRAP  Desk  Guide )  provides  guidance  in preparing  electronic  MILSTRIP  requisitions.    Your supply department should be able to provide you with assistance when completing the MILSTRIP.  Part 1 of NAVEDTRA  12061  also  contains  good  information about a MILSTRIP requisition.  Ordering instructions for  other  courses  are  listed  separately  in  Parts  2 through 9 of the catalog.   Ordering Tips The  following  tips  will  help  you  maintain  an adequate supply of courses for your command: Anticipate  your  command’s  needs.    Place orders as far in advance as possible. Make  sure  your  MILSTRIP  requisition  is accurate.  Double-check all fields.  Remember: GARBAGE IN —   GARBAGE OUT!  Use the MILSTRIP Handbook, and refer to the sample MILSTRIP in NAVEDTRA 12061. Use  the  fastest  and  most  direct  means a v a i l a b l e  t o  t r a n s m i t  M I L S T R I P requisitions. Have a feel for about how long it should take for an order to arrive. Track  all  MILSTRIP  requisitions  to  make sure each order is filled.  Commands with good track records on receiving their orders on time have an aggressive tracking system in place. Q3. Who  publishes  the  Catalog  of  Nonresident Training Courses? ADMINISTERING COURSES Courses received by the command should be given to the students in a timely manner.  The ESO should advise the students to follow the procedures outlined in the  front  matter  of  each  course  assignment  booklet. The students may refer freely to texts and reference materials in completing their courses. They may seek advice and instructions from others, or give completed solutions to anyone else taking the same course. All  classified  courses  are  released  only  to  the custody of the student’s commanding officer.  Reserve units  commanded  by  inactive  reserve  officers  DO NOT qualify for custody.  Before ordering a classified course, ESOs should ensure: The student has a legitimate need for the course and the appropriate security clearance. Safeguards  are  available  to  provide  required protection for the course. Classified  courses  are  stowed,  controlled,  and destroyed in the same manner as other classified materials. 4-3 HOW TO GET THE CATALOG OF NONRESIDENT TRAINING COURSES NAVEDTRA 12061 Catalogs and/or updates will be posted in March, July, and September of each year at the following locations: Internet  at: netpdtc/nac/neas.htm Navy Advancement Center Bulletin Board at: DSN:  922-1394/1820  or  COMM:  (850) 452-1394/1820 Streamlined  Automated  Logistic  Trans- mission  System  (SALTS)  (For  information about  SALTS,  call  DSN:  442-1112  or COMM: (215) 697-1112)

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