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Page Title: Navy College Program for Afloat College Education
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Q18.    The Academic Skills Program provides computer and  instructor-taught  courses  in  what  subject areas at no cost to students? Q19.    Under the Academic Skills Instructor Program, a class must have at least 10 but no more than what number of students? Q20.    The  Navy  College  Learning  Center  provides facilitated computer learning centers to be open a minimum of how many hours a week? Q21.    In addition to on-duty time, when may Sailors participate in NCLC and ASIP courses? NAVY COLLEGE PROGRAM FOR AFLOAT COLLEGE EDUCATION The  Navy  College  Program  for  Afloat  College Education (NCPACE) is an integral part of the Navy’s Voluntary  Education  program.    As  personnel  rotate  to complete  Navy  assignments,  NCPACE  permits  the initiation  and  continuation  of  progress  toward  an academic  degree.  NCPACE  provides  an  atmosphere  in which students can experience a challenging education in a shipboard or remote site environment, preparing them for  personal  as  well  as  professional  growth.    Under NCPACE,  academic  skills  and  college  courses  are available  through  both  instructor-  and  technology- delivered  methods.    All  college  courses  are  fully transferable and are provided from accredited SOCNAV institutions.  Commands with a sea duty UIC type 2, 3, 4 or 8 and specifically selected remote sites are eligible to participate  in  NCPACE.    Education  services  under  the NCPACE contract include: ORIENTATION SERVICES:  A session or series of  sessions  during  which  potential  students  for either  instructor  or  technology  delivered  courses are  provided  a  crew  brief,  assessed  as  to  their interests  and  abilities  using  an  education  needs assessment survey, placement tested, counseled on eligibility  requirements,  and,  if  applicable, familiarized  with  computer  hardware  and software.    Experience  suggests  multiple orientation  sessions  may  take  a  week  for  small ships (fewer than 250 personnel) and as long as a month  to  six  weeks  for  aircraft  carriers.    This service includes training of the NCPACE team and academic  skills  facilitator.    At  remote  sites, counseling  and  assistance  is  provided  for  using tuition assistance to fund college courses.  Using Orientation  Services’   recommendations,  the commanding officer may choose the instructional modes  of  delivery  and  number  of  courses  to  be provided to the crew. Computer, instructor, and/or video teleconferencing courses are requested after Orientation  Services  are  completed.    The contractor  provides  more  than  200  courses  from which to choose.   COMPUTER-DELIVERED  COURSES:  This program  uses  computer-based  technology  to provide academic skills and college-level courses. Computer  courses  use  one  of  three  formats: Computer  Interactive  Video,  CD-ROM,  or Internet.  The contractor will provide computers, or commands may elect to use their own computers for  CD-ROM  and  Internet  courses.    A  resident instructor is not required. INSTRUCTOR-TAUGHT  COURSES:  This p r o g r a m    p r o v i d e s    a c a d e m i c    s k i l l s    a nd college-level  instruction  and  requires  the deployment of a civilian instructor. VIDEO    TELECONFERENCING    (VTC) COURSES:  A limited number of graduate courses can be provided via VTC if the command has the appropriate equipment. NCPACE  courses  eligibility  is  based  on  the following guidelines: Computer-delivered course eligibility is based on ASVAB  AR+PC  or  WK+AR  or  VE+AR  or GCT+ARI => 100 or  6 semester hours of college credit  with  a  grade  of  “B”  or  better  in  both courses or meet minimum test scores established by  the  institution  to  qualify  the  student  for enrollment  in  that  course.    Instructor-taught course  eligibility  is  based  on  screening  and placement testing.   N CPA C E      o f f e r s      a c a d e m i c      s k i l l s      a nd undergraduate/graduate level courses. Other than at remote sites, NCPACE is offered at no  tuition  cost  to  service  members;  however, members enrolling in college courses must pay for textbooks, workbooks, and lab fees. The minimum order for computer-delivered courses is 5 enrollments, with a maximum of 20 per computer system;  for  instructor-taught  courses  the  minimum class size is 10 students.  A minimum course order for instructor courses is two courses in the same academic discipline or two sections of the same course. NCPACE  students  are  under  no  obligation  to extend their obligated service enlistment. 2-7

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