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Page Title: Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship Programs
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NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS (NROTC) SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS The  NROTC  Navy-Option  and  Nurse  Corps Option  Scholarship  Program  is  to  educate  and  train qualified  young  men  and  women  for  careers  as commissioned officers of the U.S. Navy Unrestricted Line (URL) and Nurse Corps, with initial appointment in the Navy in the grade of ensign. Enlisted  personnel  who  meet  the  eligibility r e q u i r e m e n t s   c a n   a l s o   c o m p e t e   f o r   N R O TC scholarships  in  the  same  manner  as  their  civilian counterparts. A  person  who  is  selected  for  an  NROTC scholarship will attend a civilian college that has an on-campus  NROTC  program.    The  Navy  provides qualified  students  with  tuition,  books,  instructional fees, uniforms, and a subsistence allowance of $150 per  month.    Room  and  board  expenses  are  not provided. Active-Duty Applicant Active-duty  candidates  selected  for  an  NROTC scholarship  program  will  be  issued  orders  to  the appropriate NROTC unit.  After reporting, they will be released from active duty, enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve,  and  appointed  as  midshipmen  in  the  U.S. Naval  Reserve.    Upon  successful  completion  of  the program,  they  agree  to  accept  an  appointment,  if offered,  as  a  commissioned  officer  in  the  Regular Navy.  If disenrolled from  the NROTC Scholarship Program  prior  to  entering  their  sophomore  year, applicants will be ordered back to active duty to fulfill the unexpired terms of their enlisted commitments. Four-Year and Two-Year  NROTC Scholarship Programs The  basic  difference  in  the  4-year  and  2-year NROTC Scholarship Programs is the amount of time students attend the NROTC school.  In addition to the basic eligibility requirements, applicants selected for the  2-year  program  must  enroll  at  a  participating NROTC  school  as  a  junior  (third  year)  in  a  4-year program or a senior (fourth year) in a 5-year program. In  addition,  selectees  must  meet  specific  academic prerequisites. The applicant questionnaire located in the back of the ROTC Bulletin processes enlisted personnel for the 4-year program.   An NROTC unit processes enlisted personnel for the 2-year program.  All selectees for the 2-year program must successfully complete the Naval Science  Institute  (NSI)  training  during  the  summer before  reporting  to  the  NROTC  unit.    NSI  is  a  6 ½-week  course  of  instruction  in  naval  science  and drills  similar  to  that  required  of  NROTC  students during  their  freshman  and  sophomore  years.    The following basic eligibility requirements must be met: Be a U.S. citizen. Be under 27 years of age on 30 June of the year of eligibility  for  commissioned  status.  An  age waiver may be granted for prior active military service, on a month-for-month basis, computed as of 1 September of the year of enrollment in NROTC, provided the applicant will not reach his or her 30th birthday by 30 June of the year in which  graduation  and  commissioning  are anticipated.  Command  verification  of  service must be provided to receive an age waiver. Be  a  high  school  graduate  or  possess  an equivalency certificate. Be physically qualified for the NROTC program as  determined  by  the  Department  of  Defense M e d i c a l     E x a m i n a t i o n     R e v i e w     B o a rd (DODMERB). Possess  personal  qualities  of  high  moral character  and  loyalty.    Loyalty  is  defined  as having  no  moral  obligations  or  personal c o n v i c t i o n s  w h i c h  w o u l d  p r e v e nt conscientiously  supporting  and  defending  the Constitution  of  the  United  States  against  all enemies, foreign and domestic.   Have  no  court-martial  conviction  or  civilian felony  conviction.    Have  no  record  of disciplinary  action  under  Article  15,  Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), or conviction by civil court for misdemeanors, except minor traffic violations, during the 3 years preceding application  for  the  NROTC  Scholarship Program.  (A fine of $200 or less, exclusive of court  charges,  is  considered  minor.)  Any substantiated  drug  abuse  while  in  an  enlisted status will result in disqualification.  Exceptions will not be considered. The  2-year  program  is  designed  for  younger personnel.  The review of records of newly reporting 3-5

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