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Page Title: Montgomery GI Bill Act of 1984
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contributions.    For  every  dollar  the  member contributes,  the  Navy  contributes  a  matching  two dollars. Thus, a person’s contribution of $2,700 will provide a total benefit of $8,100 in the education fund. The member receives direct payment of benefits after the  school  confirms  the  member’s  enrollment  in training. Active-duty personnel may disenroll and request a refund of unused contributions.  OPNAVINST 1780.2 contains  more  detailed  information  about  the procedures for accomplishing these actions. NOTE:  Members must have initially enrolled in the program before April 1987. MONTGOMERY GI BILL ACT OF 1984 Beginning  on  1  July  1985,  nonprior  service members  entering  active  duty  began  receiving educational  benefits  under  the  Montgomery  GI  Bill (MGIB).  Service members eligible for the Vietnam Era  GI  Bill  may  also  be  eligible  to  receive  benefits under the MGIB. Members may use their in-service benefits after 2 years of active duty.  They must use all benefits within 10 years after the date of last discharge or release from active duty. Those who began active duty after 30 June 1985 automatically incur a monthly pay reduction of $100 per month for 12 months unless they elect not to take part in this program.  Service members must make this one-time, irrevocable decision when they begin active duty.  Officer candidates make this decision at the time of their commissioning.   Vietnam  Era  GI  Bill  personnel  do  not  have  to contribute  to  the  program  to  remain  eligible.    They receive  one-half  of  their  Vietnam  Era  GI  Bill entitlement rate that was effective 31 December 1989 plus  the  basic  MGIB  rate.    This  payment  may  not exceed  36  months  or  the  number  of  months  of remaining Vietnam Era entitlement, whichever is less. The  total  entitlement  used  under  both  bills  cannot exceed 48 months. SELECTED RESERVE AND NATIONAL GUARD BENEFITS UNDER THE MGIB Effective  1  July  1985,  selected  Reserve  and National  Guard  personnel  became  eligible  for educational benefits under the MGIB.  To be eligible, the member must meet the following requirements: Be  a  high  school  graduate  or  have  a  GED equivalency certificate Have  completed  180  days  of  consecutive Reserve  component  service  before  drawing benefits (computed from the date of the oath of enlistment) Not have an ROTC scholarship Agree to enlist, extend, or reenlist for 6 years Students must complete a DD Form 2384, Notice of  Eligibility,  to  begin  the  process.    After  signing  a Form 2384, students should verify the acceptability of proposed courses with the Veterans’  Affairs Office at their  school.    The  school  must  certify  the  student’s training  to  the  VA.    The  processing  normally  takes about  1  month.    Reservists  do  not  have  to  pay  any money to participate. Participants have up to 10 years in which to use their benefits, but they must remain qualified members of the Selected Reserve in good standing.  The benefits end as soon as the member separates from the Selected Reserve or after 10 years, whichever comes first. Q53.    The  Post-Vietnam  Veterans’  Educational Assistance Program is available for personnel who entered the Navy during what time period? 2-15

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