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Page Title: Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program
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considered  to  be  a  technical  specialist.    They  are considered to have sufficient academic and practical training to provide primary patient care services under the  supervision  of  a  physician.  The  physician’s assistant will perform the following functions: Duties  that  require  extensive  knowledge  of  a specific occupational field Duties  that  are  not  significantly  affected  by promotion in rank T h e    f o l l o w i n g    a r e    t h e    b a s i c    e l i g i b i l i ty requirements: Be a citizen of the United States. Be serving on active duty in the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve (including TAR) at the time of application  and,  if  selected,  remain  on  active duty until the appointment is tendered.  Reserve canvasser recruiters and reservists on temporary active  duty  (TEMAC)  or  on  active  duty  for training  (ACDUTRA)  are  not  eligible  for  the in-service program.  However, they are eligible under the Direct Procurement Program. Selectees  for  appointment  must  be  able  to c o m p l e t e    t h e    m i n i m u m    b a c c a l a u r e a te educational  program  requirements  before reaching their 35th birthday. Have  no  record  of  nonjudicial  punishment, conviction  by  courts-martial  or  civil  court  for other than minor traffic violations during the 4 years preceding the year in which the application is made. Meet  the  physical  standards  for  officer candidates  as  described  in  the  Manual  of  the Medical Department. Have  a  high  school  diploma  or  equivalency certificate,  based  on  military  education experience,  GED  test  results,  issued  by  the Department  of  Education  of  a  state,  U.S. territory, or the District of Columbia. Have undergraduate course work, with a grade point  average  of  at  least  2.5  on  a  4.0  scale, sufficient  to  complete  the  requirement  for  a baccalaureate degree awarded upon completion of the PA training program. B e    o f    g o o d    m o r a l e    c h a r a c t e r    a n d    of unquestioned  loyalty  to  the  United  States  as determined by the interview and investigation. Selectees  with  qualifying  degrees  must  have sufficient service obligation to serve 3 years on active  duty  or  in  a  drill  status  as  appropriate. Selectees without qualifying degrees entering a training program must incur an obligation of 6 years  active  service  requirement  before detaching  from  the  present  command,  which may be acquired by extending or reenlisting. Be  recommended  for  appointment  by  the commanding officer. Q14. To be eligible for the Physician’s Assistant (PA) Program, you must have undergraduate course work of at least what grade point average? MEDICAL ENLISTED COMMISSIONING PROGRAM The  Medical  Enlisted  Commissioning  Program (MECP)  is  similar  to  the  Enlisted  Commissioning Program.  Although previously an active-duty upward mobility  program  for  personnel  in  the  HM  and  DT ratings, the program is now open to enlisted personnel of all ratings. Selectees for the MECP must meet the following requirements: Be accepted to a baccalaureate program leading to a bachelor of science degree in nursing.  The program must be approved by the Commander o f  t h e  N a v a l  M e d i c a l  C o m m a nd (COMNAVMEDCOM)  and  accredited  by  the National League for Nursing. Pay  for  tuition,  fees,  books,  and  personal expenses  (if  eligible,  may  use VA  educational benefits, but may not use Navy tuition assistance to pay for MECP). Successfully  complete  Officer  Indoctrination School upon completion of the MECP. Take  the  first  registered  professional  nurse l i c e n s i n g    e x a m i n a t i o n    a v a i l a b l e    a f t er completion of MECP. Appointees  incur  an  8-year  active-duty obligation  upon  commissioning,  4  of  which must be served on active duty. MECP selectees have the following benefits: Receive full military pay and allowances Retain  enlisted  grade  and  are  eligible  for advancement 3-8

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