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Page Title: Key Role of Navy College Office Education Specialists/Guidance Counselors
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KEY ROLE OF NAVY COLLEGE OFFICE EDUCATION SPECIALISTS/GUIDANCE COUNSELORS The ESO should refer members who wish to pursue higher  education  to  the  Navy  College  Office.    Navy College  Office  education  specialists/guidance counselors have the latest information about courses of study/programs offered by various colleges.  They play a key role in helping Navy personnel achieve educational goals. The  services  of  education  specialists/guidance counselors are available at most naval facilities in the United  States  and  at  major  sites  overseas.    If  these personnel are unavailable, the ESO should help members with information, assistance, and reference materials. The  major  responsibilities  of  education specialists/guidance  counselors  include,  but  are  not limited to, the following: Providing counseling/information on the Navy College Program Helping  personnel  set  realistic,  attainable educational goals Evaluating  the  member’s  prior  civilian education  and  military  training  and  work experience for possible academic credit toward a degree Recommending colleges for various programs of study Helping personnel enroll and register in courses and programs Providing  guidance  on  the  SMART  or  the Application  for  the  Evaluation  of  Learning Experiences During Military Service, DD Form 295 Providing tests for college admission and credit or national certification Approving Navy Tuition Assistance Q7.   The  ESO  should  refer  members  who  wish  to pursue higher education to what activity? Q8.   If  Navy  College  Office  personnel  are unavailable,  who  should  help  members  with information,  assistance,  and  reference materials? Q9.   Until the SMART transcript becomes available, an  applicant  should  complete  what  type  of form? ESO WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED BY NAVY COLLEGE OFFICES Navy  College  Offices  at  various  locations  conduct ESO  workshops  designed  to  acquaint  the  ESO  with voluntary  education  in  the  Navy.    These  workshops  are sometimes the only classroom training available to ESOs. Q10.   Who schedules ESO workshops? TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM ESOs should be well informed about the Tuition Assistance (TA) Program and should be able to help applicants fill out the TA form. TA is the Navy’s financial assistance program for active  duty  service  members  pursuing  voluntary education  goals  during  off-duty  hours.    It  pays  a portion  of  the  tuition  at  accredited  high  schools, colleges/universities,  and  vocational-technical schools.  TA does not pay for books or registration fees. TA  can  be  used  for  both  classroom  and  distance learning courses. TA is open to both officer and enlisted active duty personnel.    It  is  also  open  to  Naval  Reservists  on continuous active duty and Naval Reservists ordered to active  duty  120  days  or  more.    To  qualify,  service members must: Be on active duty for the whole length of the course(s). Attend an accredited institution.  (Check with Navy  College  Office  to  verify  the  school’s accreditation status.) Be  pursuing  a  high  school  diploma  or equivalency, vocational/technical certificate, or associate,  bachelor’s,  masters,  doctorate,  or professional degree. Receive counseling from a Navy College Office. Submit  an  application  to  the  Navy  College Office  before  the  beginning  of  the  course. (Application for TA, NAVMC 10883, must be submitted to the Navy College Office before the end of the school’s late registration or add-drop period.    Mail-ins  have  until  30  days  after  the course’s start date to submit form to the Navy College Office.) Successfully complete the course and maintain at least a “C” average for undergraduate courses and at least a “B” average for graduate courses. 2-4

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