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Page Title: Justification of Requests for Substitute Examinations
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Q41. What is the maximum PNA point credit an E-6 Navywide examination candidate can earn? Q42. What is the maximum PNA point credit an E-4 or E-5 Navywide examination candidate may earn? Q43. Before an E-7 selectee can be frocked, he or she must complete what course? SUBSTITUTE EXAMINATIONS Substitute  examinations  are  administered  to individual  candidates  who,  through  no  fault  of  their own,  were  unable  to  take  the  examination  at  the regularly scheduled time.  Supplies of examinations used  for  this  purpose  are  extremely  limited; reproduction and processing procedures are expensive and time consuming. Justification of Requests for Substitute Examinations Requests for substitute examinations must justify the  circumstances  preventing  the  candidate  from taking the regular examination.  They must also justify the reasons for noncompliance with the regular exam schedule.  Requests are considered on individual merit. Administrative  delays  in  submitting  requests  to COMNAVPERSCOM  for  waiver  of  eligibility requirements  for  advancement,  change  in  rate,  or request  for  service  record  information  sometimes occur. However, such delays are not justification for a substitute  examination.    Each  request  for  substitute examinations must contain valid justification based on the following criteria: The  candidate  concerned  must  have  been recommended for advancement and eligible to take the regularly scheduled examination. The  candidate’s  absence  from  the  regularly scheduled examination must have been through no fault of his or her own.  In general, the absence should  be  the  result  of  one  of  the  following circumstances: —    Emergency  leave  (normally  annual  leave  or PCS leave is not adequate justification unless extenuating  circumstances  are  involved). When a candidate is on emergency leave on the  exam  administration  date,  a  substitute examination should be ordered on that date. —    Sick in quarters (SIQ) or hospitalization.  A statement by a medical officer must verify that taking  the  regularly  scheduled  examination would have been harmful to the candidate’s health. —    Operational commitment.  The commitment must be of such a nature that a short delay in the administration of the regular examination series was not feasible. T h e   c o m m a n d’s   i n a b i l i t y   t o   d e t e r m i n e   a candidate’s exact date of return to the command should not prevent the ordering of a substitute examination before  or  within  a  day  or  two  after  the  regularly scheduled advancement examination.  The substitute examination  should  be  administered  as  soon  as possible after the candidate’s return. Requests for Substitute Examinations Requests for substitute examinations often result from  administrative  errors  or  poor  administrative planning  on  the  part  of  individual  commands. Therefore,  commands  are  urged  to  anticipate requirements  for  substitute  examinations,  when possible, before the regular examination dates.  The need  for  a  substitute  examination  can  normally  be determined  before  or  within  a  day  or  two  after  the scheduled Navywide advancement examination. Substitute  examinations  should  be  ordered  by message  only.    Requests  should  list  the  required examinations  alphabetically  by  rating  and  give justification in each case.  Enclosure (1) to the NETPDTC ordering letter lists all available examinations.  Requests for  substitute  examinations  must  info  the  immediate superior and COMNAVPERSCOM. NETPDTC  is  the  approving  authority  for  all substitute examinations.  Refer to the Advancement Manual and the respective NAVADMIN message for deadline dates for ordering substitute examinations. Requests  for  substitute  examinations  will  be disapproved  if  submitted  after  the  respective d e a d l i n e .    R e q u e s t s    m u s t    c o n t a i n    b o t h    t he circumstances  precluding  the  candidate’s  regular participation  and  reasons  for  non-compliance. Requests  are  considered  on  individual  merit. COMNAVPERSCOM  (PERS-852/862)  will  act  on questionable  cases.    In  cases  of  denial,  instruct members to participate in the next advancement cycle and, if a selectee, petition the Board for Correction of Naval  Records  (BCNR)  for  possible  backdating  of the prospective effective date.   6-23

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