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Page Title: Forwarding of Examination Materials to NETPDTC
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be made to the answer sheet based on the Advancement Manual. Prior to forwarding answer sheets, the examining board will review all answer sheets for accuracy and completeness.    With  assistance  from  the  ESO,  the board will resolve all items circled by the candidate on the  worksheet,  and  check  each  entry  and  blackened circle for accuracy with the exception of the answer portion  of  the  answer  sheets.    Turn  verified  answer sheets  over  to  the  person  designated  to  prepare  the transmittal  for  forwarding  to  NETPDTC.    Only officers, designated chief petty officers (E-7/8/9), and designated civilian employees may handle the answer sheets until they are deposited as registered mail in the U. S. postal system. As the candidates leave the examining room, the board  member  who  administers  the  exam  should ensure the candidates have taken the following actions: Transferred all information from the worksheet to the answer sheet. Made no changes on the worksheet that affect the final multiple score. Darkened  in  the  circles  properly  below  each response area. Turned in all testing materials, including scratch paper. Q30. After Navywide examinations are administered, the answer sheets are sent to what command for grading? EXAMINATION ACCOUNTABILITY AFTER THE EXAMINATION After  the  examination  has  been  administered,  all examination  booklets,  used  and  unused,  and  scratch paper are destroyed.  They are destroyed by burning or by alternate methods as outlined in the Department of the  Navy  Information  Security  Program  Regulation, SECNAVINST 5510.36, and other pertinent directives. Examinations must be destroyed in the presence of at least two witnesses—  at least one officer and a chief petty officer (E-7/8/9) or a designated civilian. Q31.   After  the  administration  of  Navywide examinations,  all  examination  booklets,  used and unused, and scratch paper must be destroyed as outlined in what instruction? Q32.   When  Navywide  examinations  are  destroyed after  being  administered,  at  least  how  many witnesses must be present? FORWARDING OF EXAMINATION MATERIALS TO NETPDTC After  the  examination,  all  completed  answer sheets  are  handled  and  stowed  as  described  in  the Advancement Manual. Forward examination returns for each paygrade to NETPDTC by U.S. registered mail or Federal Express within 7 working days after the administration of the examinations.    The  answer  sheets  and  report  of destruction/administration must be sent to NETPDTC by  a  letter  of  transmittal.    This  time  frame  may  be extended  to  10  working  days  when  the  transmittal letter contains 250 or more answer sheets.  Do not fold or staple answer sheets.  Protect answer sheets with cardboard backing.  The total number of examinations reported as destroyed or transferred must match the total  number  in  the  Examination  Packing  List  (fig. 6-6).  The number reported must include examinations received  from  other  commands.  Ensure  names  and numbers on the letters match the answer sheets.  Many extra  hours  are  utilized  by  NETPDTC  personnel  in cases where transmittal letters are incorrect. Separate  letters  of  transmittal,  assigned  Report Symbol  COMNAVPERSCOM  1418-1,  should  be prepared for each paygrade.  The letter of transmittal s h o u l d    l i s t    a l l    u s e d ,    u n u s e d ,    o r    t r a n s f e r r e d examinations,  including  the  rate  abbreviation, examination  series,  and  examination  serial  number. The  letter  should  list  candidates  alphabetically  by name within each rate on enclosure (2), as shown in figure  6-8.    When  personnel  from  more  than  one activity have been examined, the candidates should be grouped by activity, as shown on enclosure (2) of the transmittal letter. NOTE:    Transmittal  letters  for  February  and August reserve examinations should contain answer sheets  for  all  paygrades.    Do  not  prepare  separate letters. Report Symbol COMNAVPERSCOM 1418-1 The  original  letters  of  transmittal  are  sent  to Commanding   Officer,  NETPDTC  (N3217),  6490 Saufley Field Road, Pensacola, FL  32509-5126, by registered  mail  or  Federal  Express.    Copies  of  the r e p o r t    o f    d e s t r u c t i o n    s h o u l d    n o t    b e    s e n t    t o COMNAVPERSCOM or the command’s administra- 6-15

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