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Page Title: Examination Day Procedures
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NOTE:  Although no examination is administered for senior and master chief petty officers, the command must  follow  certain  requirements  each  advancement cycle for these two paygrades. Approximately mid to late  August  each  year,  commands  receive  the NAVADMIN  message,  which  provides  the  basic eligibility  requirements  for  senior  and  master  chief petty  officers.    It  also  provides  information  and procedures to be used for that particular advancement cycle. Q24. What examination is normally administered on the first Tuesday in March and the first Thursday after Labor Day? RECOMMENDED TIME SCHEDULE FOR ADMINISTRATION OF EXAMINATIONS The  commanding  officer  of  each  activity s c h e d u l e s   t h e   e x a c t   t i m e   o f   d a y   N a v y w i de examinations  will  be  administered.    However,  the commanding  officer  must  not  allow  candidates  to exceed  the  time  limit  of  3  hours  for  Navywide examinations or allow them to take any breaks.  Take care that nearby activities do not conduct examinations at  such  time  that  compromise  is  possible.    Unless deviation is necessary, follow this schedule: Q25. What is the maximum time allowed for candi- dates  to  complete  the  Navywide  advancement examinations? EXAMINATION DAY PROCEDURES Learning  Objectives :  Identify  administration procedures  to  be  followed  during  administration  of examinations;  identify  examination  completion procedures;  identify  and  recognize  how  to  forward examinations to NETPDTC. On the date the examination is administered, the examination board should muster the candidates and seat them in the examination room according to the preplanned  arrangements.    After  distributing  the required  examination  materials,  a  member  of  the examining board will read the General and Verbatim I n s t r u c t i o n s    f o r    t h e    A d m i n i s t r a t i o n    o f    t he Examinations.    The  reading  of  the  verbatim instructions should be clear and concise.  Enough time should  be  allowed  between  each  step  of  the instructions  to  allow  candidates  to  complete  each block on the answer sheet. The  examination  room  must  be  under  the  direct supervision of at least one member of the examining board.  This examining board member must be present at  all  times  during  the  administration  of  the examination.    Proctors  are  assigned  to  assist  the examining board.  At least 1 board member or proctor should be provided for every 25 candidates.  Although enlisted personnel normally cannot serve as members of  the  examining  board,  chief  petty  officers (E-7/8/9) may serve as proctors for E-4 through E-7 examinations.  For information on assigning proctors, refer to the Advancement Manual. Before  each  examination  is  administered,  the command should provide guidelines for proctors and examining  board  members  to  follow,  including  the following: Ensure  the  health  and  comfort  rules  are understood and in agreement with command and Navy policy. 6-13 0730 Candidates  muster  (military  ID  cards required).    Proctors  muster  at  the  same time. 0745 After  candidates  are  seated,  sealed examinations,  worksheets,  and  all  other materials  required  for  administering  the examination are distributed. 0800 The General and Verbatim Instructions for the   Administration   of   Navywide Advancement  Examinations  are  read (verbatim  instructions  are  provided  by NETPDTC).    The  verbatim  instructions tell  candidates  how  to  fill  in  the  answer sheets from the information provided on the worksheets, as well as, other pertinent information. Chief petty officer (CPO) The third Thursday in January or as  announced  in  the  applicable NAVADMIN message 0830 The examination begins.  TIME LIMIT: 3 HOURS. 1130 The examination ends.

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