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Page Title: Effecting Advancements
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Qualified E-5/6 selectees may be frocked after the  command  receives  the  RCA/ESVR/Data Mailer  and  all  advancement  data  has  been verified as correct. Qualified  E-4  selectees,  including  those  in  a training  status,  may  be  frocked  after  the command receives the RCA/ESVR/Data Mailer and all advancement data has been verified as correct  provided  selectees  complete  the  Petty Officer Indoctrination Course. Frocking does not change the permanent status of a member  nor  authorize  payment  of  entitlements governed  by  statute  or  regulation  and  is  subject  to restriction as follows: E n l i s t e d   m e m b e r s   s e l e c t e d   f o r   o f f i c er appointments may not be frocked. Navy members serving in joint commands may be frocked with the concurrence of the joint command. Members may elect not to accept frocking. Frocked  members  are  entitled  to  military identification cards and certain privileges of the higher  paygrade,  that  is,  clubs,  messing, berthing, housing, and parking privileges except as restricted by law. The weight limit of household goods on permanent change of station (PCS) orders is the weight limit authorized for the permanent paygrade. Any administrative or punitive action is based on the member’s permanent paygrade. Frocked  members  shall  purchase  additional uniforms  and  insignia  at  their  own  expense. Payment of any uniform allowance is authorized only on permanent advancement. I f     a     m e m b e r’s     r e c o m m e n d a t i o n     f or advancement is withdrawn after the member is frocked, the frocked rate shall be vacated. Commanding  officers  may  not  frock  members who do not meet the physical fitness weight/body fat requirements of OPNAVINST 6110.1. All diary entries and pay action documents will reflect  the  permanent  paygrade.    Performance evaluations shall be prepared in the member’s frocked paygrade per BUPERSINST 1610.10. To  effect  frocking,  commands  must  make  the following service record entries: Effecting Advancements Advancements  to  all  petty  officer  grades  are effected  on  the  16th  of  the  month.    The  member’s relative  FMS  among  contemporaries  who  took  the same  Navywide  competitive  examination  for advancement  determines  the  effective  date  of advancement  to  paygrades  E-4  through  E-6.    For members selected for advancement to paygrades E-7 through E-9, their seniority among contemporaries in the same rate determines their effective advancement date.  The effective date of advancement authorized in the  advancement  notification  is  the  earliest  date  on w h i c h   t h e   m e m b e r   m a y   b e   a d v a n c e d .     T he commanding officer may effect advancement on a later date for a specific cause.  However, the commanding officer  may  not  delay  a  member’s  authorized advancement for the express purpose of according the member  future  monetary  gain  or  other  personal benefit.    That  could  include  delaying  advancement until the member’s expiration of enlistment so that the member could receive the full reenlistment bonus.  If a member’s  advancement  is  withheld  beyond  the authorized  effective  date,  the  procedures  in  the Advancement Manual should be followed. Q39. The  Examination  Profile  Information  Form contains what information? Q40. A person can attain a maximum of how many PNA  points  for  one  Navywide  examination cycle? 6-22 [DATE]: Selectee  for  advancement[RATE]  from participation  in  Cycle            Navywide examination  held  on  [DATE]  and  frocked  to that rate per BUPERSINST 1430.16. [Signature  of  official  with  by  direction authority] [DATE]: [DATE]:I   understand   frocking   is   an administrative  authorization  to  wear  the uniform and insignia of a higher rate without entitlements or allowances of the frocked pay grade.    I  further  understand  that  the  frocked paygrade is effected at my option and that no increased pay and allowance accrue to me and that  any  cost  for  additional  uniforms  or insignia incident to my being frocked will be defrayed  by  me,  and  that  no  retroactive  pay, allowances, or reimbursements are authorized. I  understand  that  my  frocked  rate  may  be vacated  by  my  commanding  officer.    I volunteer to be frocked to the rate of [RATE]. [Member’s signature]

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