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Page Title: Department of Veterans' Affairs Educational Assistance Programs
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personnel,  veterans,  Reserve  component  personnel, Department  of  Defense  (DOD),  and  Department  of Energy (DOE) civilian employees who were separated not earlier than 1 October 1990.   Military personnel must  have  served  a  minimum  of  6  years;  civilian members of the DOD and DOE must have 5 years of federal  service.    Those  interested  in  “academic” teaching positions must have a bachelor’s degree from an  accredited  college.    Those  interested  in  teaching vocational  subjects  (e.g.,  electronics,  computers, construction trades) are not required to have a college degree to apply, but must be able to document their skill level or expertise. For more information on Troops to Teachers, visit the home page site at DANTES PUBLICATIONS In  support  of  the  Examination  and  Distance Learning Programs, DANTES develops and acquires specific  educational  publications  for  use  by  ESOs. These include the following publications: SOC  Guide.    This  guide  provides  general information on how nontraditional experiences may be reviewed.  It identifies some of the nontraditional means that  military  students  commonly  use  to  demonstrate college-equivalent  learning.    It  also  summarizes  the acceptance of nontraditional credit in Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) institutions. Guide  to  the  Evaluation  of  Educational Experiences  in  the  Armed  Services  (ACE  Guide). This  guide  is  published  as  a  three-volume  set.    It contains  recommendations  for  credit  for  formal courses offered by the services and for some military occupations.  It includes Navy rates and ratings and limited duty officer (LDO) and chief warrant officer (CWO) designators.  The Guide is updated every 2 years.  Commands may review the guide at the nearest Navy College Office. Handbook  to  the  Guide  to  the  Evaluation  of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.  This handbook  is  not  intended  to  replace  the  introductory sections  and  appendices  of  the  guide;  it  merely supplements the guide.  It contains semiannual updates of recent evaluations of training courses. Guide to DANTES Examinations.  This brochure is designed for use by personnel who provide general information  about  the  DANTES  testing  program.    It includes  a  summary  description  of  each  examination available  through  DANTES,  as  well  as  summary descriptions of certification programs.  ESOs will find this  publication  very  helpful  when  counseling  Navy personnel about DANTES examinations. DANTES  can  provide  ESOs  with  many  other free educational and informational materials, including the  DANTES  Information  Bulletin  (distributed monthly),  reference  books,  manuals,  brochures, catalogs,  promotional  materials,  and  audiovisual training aids.  Contact DANTES to obtain their Catalog of Materials, which also contains ordering procedures. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Learning Objectives:  Identify the basic Department of Veterans’   Affairs  educational  assistance  programs available for in-service and veteran personnel. Veterans’   Affairs  (VA)  educational  assistance refers to the financial aid available to pay for eligible veterans and active-duty personnel to attend school. Veterans’ educational assistance is available primarily through the following programs: Post-Vietnam  Era  Veterans’   Educational Assistance (VEAP) Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) The following paragraphs contain basic information on  these  programs.    The  ESO  can  obtain  detailed information from the local Navy College Office, CCC, VA office, the institution the student is going to attend, or Navy  Personnel  Command,  PERS-  604,  at  DSN 882-4258/59 or 901-874-4258/59.  If you have access to the  Internet,  you  can  examine  the  Department  of Veterans’   Affairs  Educational  Assistance  Programs home page at POST-VIETNAM ERA VETERANS’ EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The  Post-Vietnam  Era  Veterans’   Educational Assistance  Program  is  a  voluntary,  contributory educational  financial  assistance  program.    It  is available for personnel who entered the Navy during the period from 1 January 1977 through 30 June 1985. Personnel  who  elected  to  take  part  in  this  program contribute  between  $25  and  $100  per  month  for  a minimum of 12 months or make lump sum payments as desired.  The  member’s  total  contribution  cannot exceed $2,700.  Only active-duty members may make 2-14

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