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Page Title: Defense Activity for Non-traditional Educational Support
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professional growth by the participant.  At the conclusion of the requirements and experience, t h e   m e m b e r   i s   a w a r d e d   a   J o u r n e y m an Certificate in the appropriate trade. How  does  the  Navy  benefit?    The  Navy  gets  a highly motivated group of professional men and women  working  to  meet  the  high  standards required  by  the  Navy.    As  a  natural  part  of  the program,  enrolled  members  enthusiastically volunteer for more on-the-job training (OJT).  The more  work  a  member  performs,  the  more  the member  can  log  in  a  work  experience  record. Morale and job performance improve. What does the program cost the member?  Other than a commitment to excellence, not a penny.  The Chief of Naval Education and Training handles all program costs. How long does it take to complete the program? That  depends  on  the  member’s   rating  and  the amount  of  OJT  time  the  member  applies  to  the rating. The current Applicable Trades by Ratings in the NNAP can be accessed by calling 1-800 NAV ROTC, or on the Internet at   If your rating appears on this list, your next step is to see your command  career  counselor  (CCC),  ESO,  or  a  Navy College  Office  education  specialist/guidance counselor.    OPNAVINST  1560.10A  governs  this program. ESOs, CCCs, and Navy College Office education s p e c i a l i s t s / g u i d a n c e    c o u n s e l o r s    m a y    o b t a i n applications  and  information  packages  for  their commands by contacting the NNAP Administrator at DSN 922-4940, extension 312, or commercial (850) 452-4940, extension 312. Q32.   When a member enrolled in the Navy’s National Apprenticeship  Program  completes  all  of  the requirements, what type of certificate is he or she awarded? Q33.    What, if anything, does it cost a member to enroll in the Navy’s National Apprenticeship Program? DEFENSE ACTIVITY FOR NON-TRADITIONAL EDUCATION SUPPORT Learning Objectives: Describe the role of the Defense Activity  for  Non-Traditional  Education  Support (DANTES) in supporting voluntary education, identify the various types of tests available through DANTES, and identify the various programs available to qualified personnel. The  Defense  Activity  for  Non-Traditional Education  Support  (DANTES)  is  a  Department  of Defense  (DOD)  agency  that  supports  the  voluntary education programs of each military service, including Reserve personnel.  DANTES is located in Pensacola, Florida.    The  Department  of  the  Navy  (DON)  is designated as the executive agent for DANTES.   DANTES  is  responsible  for  providing  the following services: Providing  a  wide  range  of  examination  and certification programs Operating a distance learning support system Providing educational and informational materials to ESOs P r o v i d i n g    s u p p o r t    f o r    n e w    e d u c a t i o n al development activities DANTES  can  be  accessed  on  the  Internet  at  The goal of this site is to provide you with the most complete and accurate information on all  DANTES  voluntary  education  programs  and  other online resources. Q34.   What is the role of DANTES? Q35.    What  activity  is  designated  as  the  executive agent for DANTES? NONTRADITIONAL EDUCATION Just  what  does  nontraditional  education  mean? Nontraditional  education  typically  means  the educational experience did not take place in a formal classroom  or  on  a  college  campus.    Nontraditional education  has  become  a  major  factor  in  American education.  The military services have long played a leading  role  in  the  development  of  this  type  of education. Adult  students,  military  personnel  in  particular, are  often  surprised  to  learn  how  much  of  their experience may be applied toward a college degree. The ESO offers advice on how command members can receive credit earned “nontraditionally.” Service personnel develop and expand their skills and  knowledge  through  a  variety  of  learning experiences  outside  the  formal  classroom.    The 2-10

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