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Page Title: College Degree Program
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Are designated as officer candidates and treated as prospective naval officers The MECP enables qualified, outstanding enlisted personnel with previous college credits to complete the requirements  for  a  bachelor  of  science  degree  in nursing.  They can complete the requirements in 36 months or less through full-time study.  Selectees must meet the following basic qualifications: Be a citizen of the United States. Be  active-duty  USN  or  USNR  members  who have completed at least 3 years of active naval service as of 1 October of the fiscal year in which the selection board is held. Be  at  least  18  years  of  age.  Must  be  able  to complete  the  educational  requirements  and  be commissioned prior to their 35th birthday. Have 30 fully transferable semester hours. Have  maintained  a  cumulative  grade  point average of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. Meet  the  physical  standards  for  officer candidates  as  described  in  the  Manual  of  the Medical Department. Have no record of conviction by courts-martial, nonjudicial punishment, or civil court for other than minor traffic violations during the 4 years preceding 1 October of the fiscal year in which the selection board is held.  A felony conviction (military or civilian), regardless of the date, or any  record  of  drug  or  alcohol  abuse  while personnel  are  in  an  enlisted  status  disqualifies them from the program. Be recommended by the commanding officer. MILPERSMAN,  Article  1131-050,  and  current BUPERSINST 1131.3 contain additional information on the MECP. Q15. A  person  completing  the  requirements  of  the Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program will receive what type of degree? COLLEGE DEGREE PROGRAM The  College  Degree  Program  provides  the opportunity  for  active-duty  naval  officers  to  earn baccalaureate  degrees  in  approved  service-related fields.    Officers  selected  for  this  program  become full-time students at civilian educational institutions. Students  receive  full  pay  and  allowances,  but  they must pay their tuition and all other program expenses. Personnel selected for this program are not eligible for Navy  tuition  assistance;  however,  eligible  officer students  may  use  their  in-service  VA  or  MGIB educational benefits.  The program authorizes no more than  18  consecutive  months  of  study  at  the  civilian education institution. Major  fields  of  study  undertaken  by  College Degree Program participants must be consistent with the  selectees’   designator  and  prospective  future assignments in the Navy. T h e    f o l l o w i n g    a r e    t h e    b a s i c    e l i g i b i l i ty requirements for this program: Be a commissioned officer in the rank of chief warrant officer (W-2) through commander. Have  at  least  two  regular  fitness  reports  since commissioning. Have  sufficient  college  credits  to  obtain  a baccalaureate  degree  within  an  18-month period. Have sufficient time remaining in the Navy to perform  obligated  service  incurred  (1  year obligated  service  for  each  6  months  of schooling). Be eligible for rotation to a normal shore tour or, if on a normal shore tour, have at least 2 years remaining  on  shore  duty  upon  entry  into  the program. BUPERSINST  1520.106  contains  eligibility requirements and application procedures. Q16. Are  personnel selected for the College Degree Program  eligible for Navy tuition assistance? OFFICER LAW EDUCATION PROGRAM The  Officer  Law  Education  Program  allows selected  naval  officers  to  enter  an  American  Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school for up to 36 months.  Selectees may enter the school to pursue a bachelor of laws or juris doctor degree, which may lead to service as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps officer.  Officers selected and ordered to law school will be entitled to a permanent change of station (PCS) move  and  military  pay  and  allowances.    The government  will  pay  tuition  and  up  to  $150.00 annually for fees and books.  Selectees must make a service commitment of 2 years of obligated service for each year, or part thereof, of legal training in addition to any other service obligation. 3-9

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