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Page Title: Chapter 1 Educational Services Officer Fundamentals
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CHAPTER 1 EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICER FUNDAMENTALS Many  educational  services  officers  (ESOs) initially have little or no experience in the field.  They are normally assigned to an ESO billet as a collateral duty.  Therefore, to do the job effectively, ESOs must receive  training  and  learn  where  to  find  needed information. If  you  have  recently  become  an  ESO,  you  are probably  still  learning  your  job  and  recognizing  the extent of your responsibilities.  You may still be trying to figure out just what your job as an ESO involves. You may be surprised to find that the responsibilities of an  ESO  are  many,  varied,  and  important  to  all command members.  Your success or failure as an ESO directly affects the morale of the command. Normally, the ESO reports to the executive officer about the duty performance of ESO staff members. The ESO reports to the department head or appropriate division officer for  the  accountability  and  routine  administration  of personnel under his or her supervision.  The ESO also obtains  professional  direction  and  assistance  from educational advisers about the Navy College Program. In  this  chapter  we  will  discuss  the  duties  and responsibilities  of  an  ESO  as  they  apply  to  the following areas: Examining boards Educational programs ESO references Library multimedia resource centers (LMRCs) ESO DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Learning   Objectives:      List  the  duties  and responsibilities  of  the  ESO  in  terms  of  examinations, education programs, and education liaison. Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy,  OPNAVINST  3120.32,  defines  the  duties  and responsibilities of an ESO.  The basic job of the ESO is to  help  the  executive  officer  administer  educational programs for the command.  In this capacity, the ESO coordinates officer and enlisted training and on-duty educational programs with department heads, division officers, and the planning board for training.  He or she also  works  with  the  Navy  College  Program educational adviser to encourage personnel to take part in the Voluntary Education Programs. EXAMINATIONS The ESO assists the command’s examining boards by  providing  material,  space,  and  personnel  as requested.  The ESO also serves as a member of the command’s  examination  boards.    Working  with examination boards, the ESO prepares, conducts, and grades examinations for advancement to paygrade E-3 and other examinations as requested.  When directed, the  ESO  orders,  safeguards,  and  administers advancement  examinations,  performance  tests,  and other  educational  testing  materials  according  to applicable directives. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS The ESO directs the educational programs for the command.    He  or  she  advises  personnel  about  the availability  of  voluntary  education  programs  and encourages them to take part in these programs.  The ESO  also  helps  personnel  apply  for  educational programs.    He  or  she  helps  personnel  obtain vocational/technical  certification,  high  school diplomas,  and  college  degrees.    The  application procedures  for  various  educational  programs  are discussed later in this manual. EDUCATIONAL LIAISON The ESO is the liaison between the command and the Navy College Office supporting the command.  As the educational liaison, the ESO obtains technical and administrative  information  about  the  Navy  College Program.    Such  information  includes  voluntary education  and  training,  educational  counseling  and testing,  and  Defense  Activity  for  Non-Traditional Education  Support  (DANTES)  programs.    The  ESO coordinates  with  the  Navy  College  Office  to  ensure 1-1

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