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Page Title: Basic ESO References
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voluntary  educational  programs  are  provided  where compatible with operating schedules.  Various media are  used  to  publicize  and  promote  the  opportunities available through the education program.  Some of the media used are ship and station newspapers and the Plan of the Day.  The ESO also provides information regarding  available  correspondence  courses  and instructions for ordering them. Q1. The duties and responsibilities of the ESO are defined in what publication? Q2. In what ways does the ESO assist the command’s examining board? Q3. Who is the liaison between the command and the Navy College Office supporting the command? ESO REFERENCES Learning  Objectives:     Identify  essential  ESO references. Now  you  know  the  broad  responsibilities  of  an ESO.  But how do you get the specific information you will  need?    Obviously,  you  need  references.    The following references make up a recommended reading list. BASIC ESO REFERENCES You  should  include  the  following  references  in your library.  They will help you provide the proper guidance  for  the  educational  programs  in  your command: Advancement    Manual ,     BUPERSINST 1430.16—    This manual contains the procedures for the administration  of  the  Navy  enlisted  advancement system (NEAS).  The manual includes all aspects of the a d v a n c e m e n t    s y s t e m ,    s u c h    a s    a d v a n c e m e nt requirements and performance tests.  It is intended for enlisted members serving on active duty with the U.S. Navy,  and  both  active  and  inactive  U.S.  Naval Reservist. Catalog  of  Nonresident  Training  Courses, NAVEDTRA  12061—This publication lists the latest available training manuals and correspondence courses. It  also  gives  the  proper  procedures  the  ESO  should follow when ordering them.  This publication is updated periodically,  and  may  be  accessed  on  the  internet  at Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC), NAVEDTRA 10500—This publication is available on CD-ROM  and  contains  information  on  schools  and courses.  All are under the purview of the Chief of Naval Education and Training; Amphibious Forces, Atlantic and Pacific; and other Navy training commands. Bibliography  for  Advancement-In-Rate  Exam Study (BIBs)—This is the basic reference for all rates and ratings.  BIBs are developed by the exam writer (a Chief Petty   Officer)   to   help   Sailors   study   for   the advancement-in-rate  examination.    BIBs  are  a  list  of references that include training courses (TRAMANS/NRTCs),  instructions,  technical  manuals, guides, and other publications commonly used in a rating. It is available ONLY in ELECTRONIC format and will be posted  (issued)  THREE  times  a  year.  For  more information  on  BIBs,  and  how  to  print  them,  visit  the Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology  Center  (NETPDTC)  home  page  at N a v a l  M i l i t a r y  P e r s o n n e l  M a n u al (MILPERSMAN), NAVPERS 15560—This publication is  also  available  on  CD-ROM,  and  governs  many programs and policies in the Navy.  This publication is a valuable  tool  for  an  ESO.    It  provides  eligibility requirements where applicable and general information on the following ESO areas: –  Limited  Duty  Officer  (LDO)/Chief  Warrant Officer (CWO) Programs –  Physician’s Assistant (PA) Training Program –  Selective  Conversion  and  Reenlistment (SCORE) Program –  Selective  Training  and  Reenlistment  (STAR) Program –  Scholarships  available  to  dependent  sons  and daughters of Navy and Marine Corps and Coast Guard members –  Naval Academy Program –  Naval  Reserve  Officers  Training  Corps (NROTC) –  Broadened  Opportunity  for  Officer  Selection and Training Program (BOOST) –  Definitions of enlisted rates and ratings –  Change in rate or rating –  Advancement (E-2 advancement, advancement after reduction, and identification of strikers) –   Frocking 1-2

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