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Page Title: Action for Personnel Transferred
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means  of  measuring  each  candidate’s  relative strengths and weaknesses in an advancement cycle. Some persons participating in the E-4 through E-6 advancement  examinations  may  have  received  a relatively high test score or an exemplary performance mark average on past examinations.  The FMS factor for  those  people  includes  the  PNA  points.    The maximum number of PNA points a person can attain for one exam cycle is 3.0, awarded in increments of one-half point.  NETPDTC automatically credits the PNA points earned for the most recent five of the last six  exams.    The  maximum  PNA  point  credit  an  E-6 candidate  may  earn  is  12  points.    An  E-4  or  E-5 candidate may earn a maximum of 10 points.  PNA points  earned  for  one  paygrade  do  not  continue  to accumulate for the next higher paygrade. NOTE:  PNA point credit is now attained from the social security number only.  It is no longer necessary to  notify  NETPDTC  to  credit  PNA  points  for candidates who have had name changes. Action for Personnel Transferred Examination  results  of  personnel  who  are  no longer attached to your command may be found when the RCA or ESVR is verified.  These personnel have been transferred to a new duty station, separated from active duty, or discharged.  Service record entries for these  people  should  be  made  after  the  Navywide examinations have been administered and before the exam results are received. The ESO must ensure that the following service record  entry  is  made  for  personnel  who  are permanently transferred from the command: The ESO may sometimes receive a Rating Change Authorization for a candidate who will be transferred before the effective date of advancement.  In this case the following service record page 13 entry is placed in the candidate’s service record: Some candidates who are transferred may be in a selectee (no RCA received) status on the ESVR.  The following  service  record  page  13  entry  should  be recorded in their service records: NOTE:  NETPDTC should be notified at this time to forward results to the member’s new command. Some  advancement  selectees  may  be  scheduled for discharge or release to inactive duty.  Commanding officers  will  inform  those  selectees  that  they  might receive advancement on their return to active duty or on affiliation with a USNR unit.  Commands should ensure these advancements are not invalidated. By letter, forward the advancement authorization or change in rating to the recruiting district in which the  member’s  home  address  is  located  and  to Commander,  Naval  Reserve  Force  (Code  215),  440 Dauphine  Ave.,  New  Orleans,  LA  70146-5000. Include in the letter, the member’s name, rate, SSN, examination results, complete home address, date of separation,  and  the  activity  at  which  the  member participated in the examination.  Ensure the document is marked “For Official Use Only.” Frocking of Enlisted Personnel Frocking  is  an  administrative  authorization  to assume  the  title  and  wear  the  uniform  of  a  higher paygrade without entitlement to the pay and allowances of that grade.  Frocking provides early recognition for members  selected  for  petty  officer  third  class  through master  chief  petty  officer.    After  verifying  individual eligibility data, members may be frocked as follows: Qualified E-8/9 selectees may be frocked upon receipt  of  selection  notification  by  the  CNO NAVADMIN message.   Qualified  E-7  selectees  may  be  frocked  no earlier   than   the   first   advancement   increment (normally 16 September).  Before they may be frocked, selectees must complete the Chief Petty Officer Indoctrination Course.  If the course is not  available  at  a  training  command,  the commanding officer may authorize frocking for selectees  before  they  complete  the  indoctrina- tion course. 6-21 [DATE]: NAME]   participated  in  the  [EXAM C Y C L E ]  N a v y w i d e  A d v a n c e m e nt Examination,  but  results  have  not  been received by this command.  Upon receipt, the results will be forwarded to [ACTIVITY TO WHICH MEMBER IS TRANSFERRED]. [DATE]: Provided  eligibility  is  maintained,  [NAME] may be changed in rate to  [RATE] effective [DATE].  The data listed on the verification section of the Rate Change Authorization has been verified per BUPERSINST 1430.16. [DATE]: [NAME] participated in the [EXAM CYCLE] Navywide  Advancement  Examination  and w a s    d e s i g n a t e d    a s    a   “SELECTEE.” Advancement date has not been determined. Upon receipt, the advancement authorization will be forwarded to[ACTIVITY TO WHICH SELECTEE IS TRANSFERRED].

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