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Page Title: Accelerated Advancement Program
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function in conjunction with, but not to replace, the Navy’s established advancement system. To  qualify  for  the  Command  Advancement Program,  a  Navy  member  must  meet  the  following requirements: Must  be  permanently  or  temporarily  assigned (minimum  of  30  consecutive  days)  to  a command designated as sea duty type 2, 4, or 8. Chapter  3  of  the   Enlisted  Transfer  Manual (TRANSMAN), NAVPERS 15909, explains duty type codes. Meet  the  following  TIR  requirements  on  or before the effective date of advancement: Meet all school, course-completion, citizenship, and security requirements. Complete  PARs  and  all  other  requirements required  for  normal  advancement,  with  the exception  of  advancement  examination participation. Meet health and physical readiness requirements for advancement. Q18. To  be  considered  for  advancement  under  the Command  Advancement  Program,  personnel must  be  serving  in  which  of  the  following paygrades? ACCELERATED ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM The Accelerated Advancement Program provides an  opportunity  for  graduates  of  certain  class  “A” schools  (other  than  the  Advanced  Electronics  Field [AEF], Advanced Technical Field [ATF], or Nuclear F i e l d    [ N F ]    p r o g r a m s )    t o    e l e c t    a c c e l e r a t e d advancement  to  petty  officer  third  class  without competing in Navywide advancement examinations. Training school COs are authorized to advance the number one “A”  school  graduate  to  the  next  higher paygrade  not  to  exceed  E-3.    Time-in-rate  (TIR) requirements for the purpose of this advancement are waived.  Effective date of advancement will be the date of graduation.  Furthermore, the number one student may  also  be  included  as  a  candidate  for  accelerated advancement to E-4. Training school COs may recommend the upper 10 percent of the qualified candidates in each “A ” school graduating  class  for  the  Accelerated  Advancement Program.    Members  recommended  must  elect  to participate in the program before or upon graduation from an “A” school. Advancements  for  personnel  may  be  effected  at their  first  duty  station  after  a  4-  to  10-month observation period.  Candidates must have graduated in  the  top  percentile  as  established  by  the  specific school as outlined in Navy Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN), NAVPERS 15560, article 1430-010. They  must  be  recommended  by  the  training  school commanding officer and meet body fat and physical readiness standards of OPNAVINST 6110.1. They also must complete the military requirements for PO3 as well as all required PARs.  Before advancement to E-4, candidates must complete the POIC.  TIR is waived for members  being  advanced  under  the  provisions  of accelerated advancement.  In other words, accelerated advancement  to  E-4  may  be  effected  for  qualified candidates whether or not they are serving in paygrade E-3. Q19. The  Accelerated  Advancement  Program provides an opportunity for certain members to elect  accelerated  advancement  to  what paygrade? ADVANCED ELECTRONICS FIELD, ADVANCED TECHNICAL FIELD, AND NUCLEAR FIELD PROGRAMS The Advanced Electronics Field (AEF), Advanced Technical  Field  (ATF),  and  Nuclear  Field  (NF) programs  are  incentives  for  the  enlistment  or reenlistment of enlisted men and women in the Navy. These programs are designed to provide technical or nuclear-trained personnel for the naval service. Personnel may only request enrollment into AEF or ATF as an enlistment program or while at recruit training  commands  or  naval  training  activities. Training  is  categorized  in  two  phases:  “A”  school initial training and “C” school advanced training. Personnel are authorized guaranteed advancement to E-4 upon successful completion of Phase I training for AEF or ATF programs and NF “A” school training for NF programs.  They must have the commanding 5-12 For Paygrade TIR E-4 6 months as E-3 E-5 1 year as E-4 E-6 3 years as E-5

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