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Page Title: Academic Skills Instructor Program
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participants.    Sailors  may  work  on  their  English, mathematics,  and/or  reading  skills  at  either  Navy College  Learning  Centers  (NCLCs),  which  are established  at  specified  Navy  bases  according  to available  funding  and  contract  requirements,  or  in Academic Skills Instructor Program (ASIP) courses taught by civilian instructors on the installation.  After completion of a diagnostic placement test, both ASIP and NCLC provide non-credit instruction designed to advance the student from the level at which he or she pretested toward a mastery of skills equivalent to high school completion. The  Academic  Skills  Program  directly  relates  to professional development and personnel READINESS. All naval personnel must be able to read and comprehend t e c h n i c a l    m a t e r i a l s ,    c o m p l e t e    m a t h e m a t i c al computations,  and  express  themselves  orally  and  in writing.    A  person  who  receives  academic  skills instruction will: Possess  the  minimum  skill  levels  necessary  to complete job training Function acceptably in a work environment and in preparation for advancement Develop better communication with subordinates Develop a positive attitude about the Navy Develop  a  better  appreciation  for  command mission and operational requirements Navy College Learning Centers The  Navy  College  Learning  Centers  (NCLCs) contract  provides  facilitated  computer  learning  centers that  are  open  a  minimum  of  40  hours  a  week.    Each NCLC is available to all active duty Navy personnel.  In addition, all adults with valid U.S. military identification are eligible to use the center on a space available basis. This includes members of other services, retirees, adult family members, and DoD personnel OCONUS.  With additional base funding, the NCLC may be opened for 60 hours a week and the command may determine student eligibility  for  use  of  these  extra  hours.    The  NCLC guidelines are as follows: Students  schedule  themselves  to  study  in  the center, either on-duty, off-duty, or a combination of on- and off-duty time. After completing on-line placement tests, students are  assigned  English,  math,  or  reading  modules according to their specific needs. In  addition,  students  may  elect  to  work  on supplementary  software  programs  at  the  NCLC, w h i c h    m a y    i n c l u d e :    a l g e b r a ,    c a l c u l u s, trigonometry, physics, social studies, science, life and  job  skills,  and  test  preparations  for  the ASVAB, GED, SAT, ACT, and CLEP exams. Students  may  work  as  long  as  they  need  to complete their goals. Academic Skills Instructor Program The  Navy  contracts  with  accredited  educational institutions to provide ASIP instruction.  All active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel assigned to the base that  hosts  an  ASIP  are  eligible  to  attend.    Active  duty Navy  personnel  assigned  to  other  commands  may participate when schedules allow.  After a minimum of 10 eligible Navy and/or Marine Corps students are enrolled, additional students including active duty personnel from other  services,  other  DoD  personnel,  and  when OCONUS, adult family members may attend.  The ASIP guidelines are as follows: Instruction consists of 45 hours over a time frame of 3 to 8 weeks. Each course covers a single subject. Course  may  be  delivered  as  individualized  or group instruction. Instruction may take place during the Sailor’s on- duty,  off-duty,  or  a  combination  of  on-  and  off- duty time. Instruction is noncredit. A course must have at least 10 students but no more than 15. Attendance is monitored.  Students are expected to attend the entire course. Courses are organized and requested through the Navy College Office at any time. Information concerning academic skills enrollment procedures  can  be  obtained  through  the  local  Navy College Office.  All active duty personnel are eligible to attend.  Military students will be allowed to participate in either the NCLC or ASIP classes following a favorable endorsement from their command.   Q17.    What  program  allows  Sailors  to  acquire  skill levels to complete job training and prepares them for college level work? 2-6

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