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Page Title: Evaluation of Case Number 2
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HM Pistol returns to BMSN Boat and Mrs. Boat. “Boat, you are being granted emergency leave for 5 days. We hope that this will be enough time. If not, you may request an extension. You go on with your wife in the ambulance. Then on your way home, stop by and pick   up   your   leave   papers—they   will   be   on   the quarterdeck.  If  you  would  like  for  me  to  call  your neighbor and explain the situation, just give me the name and  phone  number.” EVALUATION OF CASE NUMBER 2 True, this was a relatively minor emergency, but the proper  response  to  this  minor  emergency  indicated  that proper  response  would  be  made  to  a  major  emergency as well. The OOD recognized and respected HM Pistol’s responsibility as the Corpsman, and HM Pistol assumed his responsibility easily and efficiently. HM Pistol had confidence in his ability, but he also knew his limitations and when to ask for help. Very  likely,  he  had  anticipated  the  many  situations that could arise from having a number of people aboard who  were  not  familiar  with  shipboard  accommodations, and with this anticipation, he had also considered the appropriate responses. After all, isn’ t that the purpose of shipboard drills—to anticipate possible situations and to train personnel to meet them? This anticipation is also a valuable  part  of  self-training—to  anticipate  events  that could happen and to be prepared to meet them. Quite often, the contact point representative tends to remain aloof from the customer with the excuse that, “I know what needs to be done, and I’m doing it. The customer  should  be  interested  only  in  results—the mechanics are my business.” This attitude may result in some unnecessary surprises for the customer. Since BMSN  Boat  and  Mrs.  Boat  were  understandably anxious  about  her  condition,  HM  Pistol  reassured  them as soon as he possibly could. In addition, he did not restrict  himself  to  his  professional  responsibility,  but extended his interest to a personal problem occasioned by  the  accident. HM  Pistol’s  total  performance  was  made  out- standing by his extra steps. CASE NUMBER 3 Leading petty officer (LPO) Brush leans back in his chair  and  surveys  his  smoothly  functioning  office.  All the baskets are empty; all the work caught up. PO Door and SN Christmas are discussing their soon-to-be liberty with  eager  anticipation.  LPO  Brush  returns  to  his paperback novel secure in the knowledge that it is going to be a peaceful afternoon. He becomes so engrossed that even a ringing telephone doesn’t break his trance until the sixth ring. At that, he says, “One of you #$%& move off your #$%& and answer the #$%& phone.” PO Door picks up the phone. “Personnel office, PO Door speaking . . . Whatya say, Lee?. . .” SN Christmas looks up at the arrival of a customer. “What can I do for you?” “I  would  like  to  know  if  you  can  tell  me  the qualifications  for  Radioman  School?” “They  don’t  need  any  more  Radiomen.” 2-6

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