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Page Title: Evaluation of Case Number 1
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Question: Are you serving in the rating of your choice? And if so, why did you choose it? MSSN Doe: It was my first choice; my dad was a Navy cook years ago, and he said that it was the best rate in the Navy. MS3 Frost: I  chose  food  service  as  my  career field.  The  MS  rating  offers  both valuable training and an opportunity to gain valuable experience. Whether I make the Navy a career or return to a  job  in  the  civilian  economy,  the skills of operating a dining facility are the same. So you can see, I’m really placing  myself  ahead.  The  basic operation  of  a  good  dining  facility  is no  different  from  that  of  a  good restaurant. Now that we have talked to MS3 Frost and MSSN Doe, let’s ask the chief how he rates them. They  are  both  dependable,  but  the similarity ends there. MSSN Doe does what you tell him—no more, no less. I guess the main thing in his favor is that you only have to tell him once. MS3 Frost is completely different. He always wants to know why. Not because he wants to argue, but because he wants to KNOW the  nuts  and  bolts  of  the  operation.  He  is professional in his attitude toward his job. He finds out what makes food service good, and then he tries to make it better. EVALUATION OF CASE NUMBER 1 in  more  than  just  following  a  recipe  card;  he  was concerned with all areas of food service. MSSN Doe’s responses showed that he refused to learn anything more about his job than just enough to get by. MSSN Doe preferred to let all responsibility rest with the chief. MS3 Frost felt a responsibility to the crew and demonstrated it by learning all he could about his job. Both of them rate pretty high on this item. However, MS3  Frost  showed  more  than  just  a  good-natured friendliness toward the crew. He showed an interest in the crew by wanting them to be satisfied with the food as well as the service. A member’s performance is definitely affected by the attitude that is brought to the job. Evaluate both MS3 Frost  and  MSSN  Doe  on  the  following  items  from  the checklist. You should consider their responses to the questions and the chief’s comments in forming your evaluation. MS3 Frost indicated his interest in providing meals that  the  members  want  to  eat.  MSSN  Doe  showed  no real interest in pleasing the customers. MS3 Frost’s answers to the questions and the chief’s comment showed that Frost had a strong interest in his job and the ability to perform it well. He was interested The chief rated MSSN Doe on this item: “MSSN Doe does what you tell him—no more, no less.” MS3 2-4

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