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Page Title: Costumer Service Terminology
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They feel that, as a person, they are worthy of more attention than that given in a mechanical and routine fashion. They want to be treated equally, fairly, and with concern for their welfare. They want to be able to rely on more experienced members for advice and proper action in their behalf. Improved human relations is essential if customer service is to improve. This  manual  shows  how  you  can  respond  more helpfully to your shipmates by developing a greater sensitivity to their needs. This manual doesn’t provide you  with  all  the  answers  for  interacting  effectively  with people.  However,  it  does  tell  you  how  to  deal  with  the various human relations you will face daily. More than mechanical skills are involved when you are working with people. Your attitude doesn’t affect a machine with which you are working, but it does affect people—they care how they are treated! Although your attitude might affect the quality of your work, it will have the greatest impact on the personnel receiving you service. Your manner, your speech, and the way you perform  your  job  will  influence  the  member’s  attitude toward you, toward your office, and toward the Navy. are CUSTOMER SERVICE TERMINOLOGY Before going further, we will define four terms that frequently used throughout this manual: customer, contact point, skills, and attitude. By no means are these terms new, but for the sake of this instruction, we will define  them. CUSTOMER First, let’s consider the familiar term  customer. In your  role  within  the  Navy,  you  are  frequently  a customer, although you might not think of yourself as one. If you are a member of the service ratings, you may also provide services to customers within the Navy? For the  purposes  of  this  manual,  we  will  use  the  term customer  to  refer  to  anyone  for  whom  a  service  is provided. Some services offered to customers within the Navy include, but are not limited to, the following: Food  service Health  service Resale  activities Information  service Advice  and  counseling Although you may receive some of these services without purchasing them, you are still a customer. The following are some specific instances in which a Navy member is a customer: Going through the dining facility serving line Making a claim for travel 1-4

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