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Page Title: Assignment 1: 48 - 55
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1-48. 1-49. 1-50. 1-51. Benefits are to be afforded impartially  to  all  eligible members, but when may they be omitted by a command? 1. When the ship size does not allow  for  service 2. When  the  station  location  is such that it does not permit for the service 3. When the contact point is not staffed for the service 4. All of the above Which  of  the  following circumstances  is  a  reason  to  impose temporary  limitations  on  the operations  of  a  contact  point? 1. 2. 3. 4. The Loss of personnel Oversensitive   personnel Equipment  in  good  working  order Unusually  light  workload contact  point  representative’s reaction to a customer arriving at the contact point can have either a positive or an adverse effect. Which  of  the  following  reactions would have an adverse effect on the customer? 1. Being  ignored 2. Being asked to wait in line 3. Being asked to come back later 4. Being asked to fill out forms Customers  deserve  the  courtesy  of an answer to which of the following types  of  questions? 1. Poorly  constructed 2. Complex 3. Ridiculous 4. Each of the above 1-52. A  contact  point  representative  who must answer the phone while providing  service  should  handle  the situation in which of the following ways? 1. 2. 3. 4. 1-53. The the you 1. 2. 3. 4. Keep one of the customers waiting Ask the customer who has phoned if you may call him or her back Try to help both customers at the same time Ask another customer for help guiding  principle  when  using telephone should be to remember are talking to a telephone person stranger person who is not busy 1–54. When  helping  a  customer  on  the telephone  who  has  difficulty  with the English language or who has a speech defect,   what  action  should you  take? 1. Give the customer the same consideration  as  you  would  when talking face to face with that person 2. Ask for the customer’s supervisor 3. Tell that person to get someone else to talk for him or her 4. Ask the person to come to the contact  point 1-55. Seaman Door works for Captain Pistol  in  the  Administrative office. Which of the following responses should Seaman Door use when  answering  the  phone? 1. “Hello, Seaman Door speaking.” 2. “Admin office; may I help you?” 3. “Seaman Door here; may I help you?” 4. “Captain Pistol’s office, Seaman Door speaking.” 6

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