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Page Title: Travel, Proceed, and Leave Time
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2-6 OFFICERS TRAVEL TIME PROCEED TIME LEAVE All Time computed on distances is determined from official mileage tables; otherwise, time computation is based on shortest travel route shown in commercial carrier or automobiles guides.  Time is counted in whole days, 24 hours; that is, the whole 24 hours or nothing. A period of time (not chargeable as leave, delay, or allowed travel time) granted for the purpose of making necessary personal arrangements inherent in certain permanent change of station orders. See MILPERSMAN, article 3020020 for complete explanation of the various types of leave:  annual, earned convalescent, advance, excess, and so forth. Naval Academy Graduates* Same as for officer indoctrination school (OIS) below.  Orders to USNA graduates usually specify a definite date to report, thus eliminating travel time. Travel time allowable to first duty station is computed on the basis of the official distance and the mode of travel authorized. Not entitled to proceed time. Graduates of USNA and ROTC may be given up to 30 days graduation leave, which must be taken after graduation in connection with first orders as an officer and must be completed within 3 months of date of graduation.  Such leave cannot be saved and used later.  Present Navy practice is to allow some delay to count as graduation leave.  That varies according to individual circumstances. Officer indoctrination school, aviation officer candidate (AOC) school, and officer candidate school (OCS) (Including integrated students) Air (government or commer- cial): One day for anywhere in continental United States. Time can be extended if delay is necessary because of mode of travel; personal conveni- ence does not count. If travel is part by air and part by other means, time is computed by a combination of methods. Travel time is computed on the following standards: Commercial air— 1 day for travel anywhere in 48 states. Divide official distance by 500. Dividend equals hours travel time (18 hours = 1 day).  If any remainder, add 1 more day travel. OIS and AOC are not entitled to proceed time to first permanent duty station. Any leave earned in enlisted status will be carried over to commissioned status.  Hence, any leave granted for delay en route will be charged as annual leave. An officer reporting earlier than required will save the leave for a later date.  Present practice is to authorize 10 days delay charged as annual leave. *Because of graduation leave, travel time of Annapolis graduates does not affect pay or leave accumulation; however, it does affect the effective dates of orders, which can be of interest to those about to be married. Table 2-1.—Travel, Proceed, and Leave Time

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