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Page Title: Leave
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NAVY SPONSOR PROGRAM Upon   receiving   your   orders,   contact   your personnel office to ensure it has the necessary details about  your  move  and  personal  status  while  you  are en route to your new duty station. Under the Navy Sponsor Program, your personnel office  should  forward  information  on  your  mode  of travel,   expected   date   of   arrival,   family   status,   and other   details   to   the   personnel   office   at   your   new command. Your  new  command  will  communicate with  you. If  you  desire,  your  new  command  will assign you a sponsor.  The sponsor will do everything possible to make your transfer easier. EXECUTING YOUR ORDERS When executing your orders, you may encounter circumstances   that   require   your   interpretation. Because of the space required to cover all exceptions, we will cover only the basic details of proceed, travel, and leave time.   If you do not understand any aspects of your orders, check with your personnel office for immediate   clarification;   otherwise,   you   may unknowingly lead yourself astray. PROCEED TIME “Proceed time” is a period of time not chargeable as leave, delay, or allowed travel time.   Proceed time is  granted  for  the  purpose  of  helping  you  make  the required  personal  arrangements  inherent  in  certain permanent   change   of   station   (PCS)   orders. The amount of proceed time permitted depends upon the urgency  of  the  transfer,  but  will  not  exceed  4  days. The  word   proceed   is  synonymous  with  the  phrase commence travel status  and should not be construed as entitlement to proceed time. Proceed  time  is  authorized  only  when  members are executing PCS orders to or from the specific types of   commands   outlined   in   article   1810300   of   the MILPERSMAN. Refer  to  table  2-1  for  additional information about proceed time. TRAVEL TIME If your orders require travel, they will specify the number of days authorized for travel.   Travel time is allowed in addition to proceed or delay time.   Travel time is computed in whole days on the basis of travel over  a  usually  traveled  route  by  a  facility  offering through service.   Travel time for travel within the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia is   computed   based   on   the   figures   presented   in table 2-1.  Finding the correct distances may present a problem.   We suggest you check the official mileage tables   at   your   personnel   office   or   transportation office.   You cannot accumulate either proceed time or travel time for later use. LEAVE Any   delay   authorized   in   permanent   change   of station   orders   in   excess   of   allowed   proceed   time and/or   travel   time   is   chargeable   as   leave. Leave, proceed time, and travel time are charged in that order following  your  day  of  detachment.    If  you  report  to your new duty station before your required reporting date, you will only be charged leave for the number of days   between   your   detachment   date   and   your reporting  date—less  any  authorized  proceed  and/or travel  time.     This  unused  leave  is  credited  to  your leave account.   You earn leave at a rate of 2 1/2 days per calendar month.   You may use your leave at any time, pending your commanding officer’s approval. Assume  you  must  report  to  your  new  command not   later   than   18   August. Your   orders   authorize 4  days’  proceed  time,  3  days’  travel,  and  10  days’ leave. You   detach   from   your   old   command   on 1   August. The   following   examples   show   how proceed time, travel time, and leave are charged: 1.   You report on 18 August. 17 days between detachment date and report date 10 days charged to leave 4 days charged to proceed time 3 days charged to travel time 2.   You report on 15 August. 14  days  between  detachment  date  and  report date 7 days charged to leave 4 days charged to proceed time 3 days charged to travel time 3.   You report on 7 August. days between detachment date and report date 0 days charged to leave 3 days charged to proceed time 3 days charged to travel time 2-5

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