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Page Title: Basic Allowance for Quarters/Variable Housing Allowance
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sample of an LES.   You receive one copy of the LES for your information; disbursing files the other copy in your Personal Financial Record (PFR). The  LES  reflects  the  status  of  your  pay  on  the computerized master military pay account (MMPA). Each month when your new LES arrives, disbursing ensures all outstanding actions have been posted.  The disbursing   copy   is   filed   in   your   local   pay   record, which contains your 12 most recent LESs.   Your LES contains  all  leave  information  and  forecasts  of  the amount of money due for the next two paydays. When  you  have  a  permanent  change  of  station, you take your pay record with you to your next duty station.    Naval  Academy  (USNA)  graduates  receive their pay record upon detachment from the Academy. PFRs are established for Reserve officers at their first duty station when they report for active duty. BASIC PAY The pay of all military members is prescribed by law.  Members are entitled to receive pay according to their  paygrade  and  years  of  creditable  service.    Pay and   allowances   generally   accrue   from   the   date   of acceptance of appointment as an officer.   The normal method  of  acceptance  is  taking  the  oath  of  office. Commencement of travel in compliance with an order (ordered to active duty) is considered acceptable for pay purposes, but payments will not start until formal signing  of  the  oath  of  office.    USNA  graduates  are considered to be on active duty once they graduate. BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR QUARTERS/VARIABLE HOUSING ALLOWANCE The   U.S.   government   has   a   responsibility   to house you and your dependents.   That can be done in many different ways.   The most common is payment of  basic  allowance  for  quarters  (BAQ)  and  variable housing   allowance   (VHA). BAQ   and   VHA  are compensatory   entitlements   paid   to   help   defray   the cost of civilian housing.   Officers without dependents still  qualify  for  BAQ  if  they  maintain  a  residence. BAQ with dependents is paid to all married members and   members   with   dependent   children   or   parents. Dependent  children  or  parents  must  be  specifically authorized by DFAS-CL.  BAQ without dependents is paid to members who have no dependents and live off the  ship  or  base.     The  commanding  officer  has  the final  authority  for  approving  or  disapproving  BAQ requests for members without dependents. CAREER SEA PAY To  qualify  for  career  sea  pay  (CSP),  you  must have at least 3 years of sea duty and be assigned to a category   A  vessel   (primary   mission   accomplished under  way),  ship-based  staff,  or  ship-based  aviation unit.     Duty  on  board  a  category  B  vessel  (primary mission   accomplished   in   port)   warrants   CSP  only when the ship is under way or in port at least 50 miles away from the home port. BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR SUBSISTENCE All   officers,   regardless   of   their   dependency status,   qualify   for   basic   allowance   for   subsistence (BAS).   This entitlement pays for your meals. FAMILY SEPARATION ALLOWANCE Family   separation   allowance   (FSA)   is   payable only   to   members   with   dependents. It   provides compensation for added expenses incurred because of a forced separation from your dependents.   A forced separation includes deployments and long periods of temporary  duty  requiring  you  to  be  away  from  your family for a period greater than 30 days. Another   type   of   FSA  is   payable   if   you   are required  to  maintain  two  households,  such  as  a  tour that  does  not  allow  your  dependents  to  accompany you.   This type of FSA is payable at the same rate as BAQ without dependents. PAY FOR HAZARDOUS AND SPECIAL DUTY If you qualify you can receive additional pay for certain  hazardous  or  special  duty.    Special  duty  pay includes   aviation   career   incentive   pay   (ACIP)   and submarine  duty  pay.    You  are  entitled  to  hazardous duty  pay  if  your  duties  expose  you  to  hostile  fire (except in time of war) or if you are assigned to duties involving diving or parachuting. SPECIAL PAY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS Officers   qualified   in   medical,   dental,   and optometry can receive special pay for active service in some cases. 4-6

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